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Phone: 703-793-0934

I responded to a job on Monster and saw job listed as a permant hire ocean cargo position. I was contacted by Appleone by email and told to fill out a long and very detailed list of information and schedule an interview. When I called them, I spoke to a receptionist and asked twice and even said "I want to be crystal clear here, this is a direct hire job NOT a temporary or temporary to permanant job, right." She assured me it was a direct hire job.
I arrived for my interview early and began filling out a large amount of forms. I spoke to the receptionist, the same one I spoke to a week ago and asked her because some of the forms were for temporary work, "This is a direct hire job right? That's what you told me last week." She said she was not sure and maybe the account manager knew more. I immediately got that "I've been scammed" feeling.
Sure enough after waiting a half an hour after the scheduled interview time. I find out, because I asked this first thing, that this was not a direct hire job. The account manager tried to explain how a lot of people are confused about temp to perm jobs. I told her I was not confused, I was lied to. I told her that anyone who is unemployed and accepts a temp to perm job will lost thier KOA health insurance and if they are fired under thirty days in the Commonwealth of Virginia lose unemployment benifits, which not surprisingly is common with temp jobs.
I had one job where a very nice lady was not hired because she was not attractive enough to a boss. I found this out after a few drinks with him, but knew the reason anyway.
I do not appreciate Appleone costing me dry cleaning, gas and more mileage on an high mileage car with issues when I am already unemployed. My thought was for anyone who is gullible enough to buy thier scam and wind up losing healthcare for themselves and thier families and unemployment benifits.
Do not get me wrong, I want to work and frankly this job offer if it had been real was a big step down.
Just take my advice, do not use Appleone, do not believe their lies.

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