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My name is Allegre Rankin and I went to an Applebee's in Georgia on Saturday Aug 4, 2018. The address is 4705 Memorial Drive Decatur. I order all you can eat chicken tenders and all u can eat ribs. The waiter brung out all you can eat ribs for myself and my girlfriend. When that wasn't the order that was place he took my ribs back but never came back with the tenders.. he didn't even come back to check on us with drinks. He was telling us he was helping on the grill. Then we ask for the manger Mr. William Powell came out and he wasn't rude at the time he was telling us about Uber eats taking priority over the people in the store. We explain to him that we didn't want the chicken tenders and he had the waiter bring it out in a to go box. My girlfriend explain that the ribs was cold and she didn't receive fries. He told her that she shouldnt be worried about fries she should be worried about protein. He was completely out of line for that. I told him he is in the customer service business and he needs to be a little nicer. And that I will be calling corporate he said u can call they will tell u I been with the company for 11 years. My whole point of this email is Mr. Powell needs more customer service training he was really rude and he doesn't know how to handle situations that occur. He did comp out our meal but he was really rude and I won't be visiting Applebee's for awhile.. I just really want Applebee's to help there staff with more training on customer service. Also this happen with the table that was in front of us. They was waiting on there second meal and it never came.

Aug 05, 2018
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      Aug 09, 2018

    I went to dinner at the Applebees at 132nd and Maple St, Omaha NE 8-9-18. I ordered an Apple Sangria which was quite good. I then ordered the slab of BBQ ribs, baked potato and broccoli. The ribs arrived died out, the broccoli was overcooked and mushy and the baked potato was perfect. So, knowing the rib entree was good as it was going to get, they offered another entree. I ordered the grilled shrimp and chicken breast. It arrived with shrimp burned beyond recognition and the breast was dry and stringy. The potatoes, mushrooms and onions were quite good. I asked to speak to the manager again and showed him the shrimp, except he couldn't tell they were shrimp they were so shriveled and burnt. I then showed him the chicken and he just stood there and looked at the mess. I asked him if this how the meal is usually cooked and he said no and took the dish back to show the cook. At this point, I was pretty disgusted. He then told me the "big manager" was going to cook the same meal this time. For what that was worth. I called my waitress over and said I'd had enough, paid for my drink, tipped the waitress and left. Applebees used to have good food, then that store went downhill, then the word on the street said Applebees changed their menu and the food improved. Well, this store needs new management and some serious kitchen staff training. I regret I did not take photos of the meals. I feel badly for customers who just eat poorly prepared food or they don't tip the server bc the food sucks.. Word of mouth makes or breaks a business and this store needs serious attention.

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