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Apple One Employment / Bait and switch illegal tactics

1 Aliso Viejo, CA, United States Review updated:

Apple One has been advertising extensively for jobs this holiday season. However, they have NO actually jobs available.

Jobs that normally pay $9.00-$12.00/hr, Apple One is advertising at $17.00-$20.00 / hr. AND, there are NO real telemarketing, customer service, shipping jobs available.

They are only trying to gather resumes for a time, should a job become available.

Then, that job WILL NOT PAY the compensation they claim. This is misleading and a bait and switch.

I am a recruiter. The Manager told me point blank these jobs are NOT available and for that compensation rate.

Apple One should be under investigation for fraud.

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  • Bo
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    In NC AppleOne advertises for various positions. I invesitgated and found out that they are not listed with our Secretary of State and either they are placing people and paying no taxes for income or they are a complete scam and onlyusing people for phishing for personal information. It would be in anyones best interest if they have used them or given them any personal information to contact their state's Attorney General as well as the Federal Trade Commission so that these people can be tracked down and prosecuted.

  • Ny
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    It is realy alarming to see complaints and assumptions from individuals that are frustrated with staffing companies. I can't realy blame the applicants and say that all the recruiters or account executives are the best at explaining things.

    There is a very common misconception about employment services that is never addressed. Employment/Staffing services companies are hired and paid by the corporations that are looking to mitigate their hiring risks and need help finding qualified candidates. The applicant is not paying the staffing companies, they are applying for the positions that the staffing company was hired to pre screen for. Yes, it is an official first interview. No they won't risk there credibility by sending an applicants resume that does not match the clients requests.

    Not every applicant has the exact qualifications for every position. In this economic climate, where jobs are scarce, applicants are very frustrated and don't understand that the job market is saturated with fantastic candidates, so employers are very selective and are less likely to hire individuals unless they have the exact experience they are looking for.

    Another commonly overlooked factor is salary history. If an employer decides to open a search for a candidate, they are less inclined to select an individual that has made more money than the amount the employer is ready to pay. Employers understand that there is a strong possibility that the candidate will not be happy making less money and once the market turns around, the candidate will be looking for new opportunities. All the money spent on recruiting and training will go down the drain and the employer is stuck at square one again.

    It is a delicate balance of skills, environment, personality and longevity. Lots of recruiters are overwhelmed with the number of applicants in the market. Recruiters get paid based on their ability to establish relationships with hiring managers that are willing to pay a service fee for sourcing candidates. Unless the candidates are hired, the staffing firm and the recruiter make no money.

    In this market, employers are getting slammed with phone calls from recruiters trying to establish opportunities for the candidates they meet with. The applicants/candidates don't see that the recruiters are calling on companies and are being turned away by gatekeepers/secretaries/Executive Assistants that work for the companies and are told to block these calls. After finally being able to get a company to trust the staffing firm's ability to source the right applicants, recruiters must be very careful in selecting only the best candidates that meet the clients expectations.

    It is realy important that applicants understand that when you go to a staffing firm, it is just like going into the corporate office of the employer. You need to present your qualifications and impress the recruiter to move forward in the process. If the recruiters send your resume to the client, they are sending a total review, testing scores, interview notes, and reference notes. If the total package impresses the employer, then there are next steps, if not, it's back to square one.

    I believe that applicants doing research on the internet about staffing companies should take the time to realy understand the way things work and not assume that recruiters are paid to find unemployed people work. My advice to applicants: be patient with recruiters, follow up regularly every 10-15 days to keep your name in mind, register with various recruiters (Increase your chances) and network.

    Lots of companies are using networking events to source candidates, paying employees referral bonuses.

    To all those that are looking, my best wishes to you and hang in there, things are picking up and your number will be called soon. To those that have had a good experience at recruiting firms, blog it!

  • Pu
      6th of Apr, 2017
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    @NYCTWITTER AppleOne is a SCAM!!! Do you work for them? Or do you own one?

  • Hu
      6th of Apr, 2010
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    "NYCTWITTER's" comments are a big steaming pile of fertilizer; this person has copy/pasted them on SEVERAL sites where people have complained about AppleOne and their phony job scam! How much are they paying you to lie, TWIT?? I signed up with AppleOne four years ago and whenever I am looking for work all I get from those clowns is excuse after excuse and never any job! Express Personnel, Volt, Kelly, Randstad and other agencies have ALL been able to send me out on jobs but NEVER AppleOne, now why is that?? Hmm. In these bad economic times the desperate job seeker shouldn't have to waste his or her time with a FAKE agency and it's shills! Apple One is a SCAM - don't fall for it!

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