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Have put in a complaint to apple .Co.Uk and ireland about them not letting me use my legally owned mobile iphones made by apple.Even though apple agreed to stop locking my phones after an hour on the telephone to them, if i provided them with proof of purchase and factory imei numbers, which i did.But apple have gone back on what they agreed to and refuse to let me use my legally owned phones.Their excuse is that do not own them?my question is this since when has theft been made legal because that is what apple are guilty of, besides useing the internet to hack my property.Yours respectfully john allen

  • Updated by spotty dog, Mar 24, 2017

    Have registered my complaint with ofcom and the fraud action line both expect me a pensioner to take the apple corporation on.They both take the stance that apple is allowed to legalised theft and hacking.Nasty but true.Yours respectfully john allen 67

Mar 24, 2017

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