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I requested support from Apple Customer Care in holding there applications accountable good quality support and service. In this case, the company named PlayMesh in my opinion provided me very poor customer service including an accusation of possibly stealing without any probable cause.
Apple reply; the iTunes Store Customer Support team does not evaluate and review these applications. Please note that developer is the best resource for information about this application. Therefore, I recommend you contact them directly.

This is Apple’s way of showing there ownership into their customers. Now I have a $600.00 iPhone with no confidence of any quality support.


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      Jun 26, 2018

    I brought my phone to the Farmington, CT Apple store for only camera issues. The tech diagnose my phone and I was told my battery and camera stabilizer needed to be fixed. I was ok with paying for that service. Returned to the Apple Store and was told that the new stabilizer didn't pass the test. Note that I was able to use the camera but not up to apple standards. The battery they said was fine THEY said. The tech suggested I buy another phone for $300+ because they were unable to fix the phone... I said no and left the store. Couple hours later no audio/cant take calls unless phone on speaker. Today, I can't see/use camera/FaceTime or have audio...I didn't go to Apple with these issues or told that I have or would encounter these issues... This is putting me in a ugly situation that Apple created by messing with my phone... This shouldn't happen to anyone!!!

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