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i purchased a case of womens flip-flops and some womens and mens sunglasses with this company the shoes were two times smaller than my regular shoe size the sunglasses looked liked something came for family dollar the products looked real cheap lookingto me so i ended up sending the package back to apparel us .com i took the package to the post office and i forgot to get a tracking number on the case but they sending address was stamped on the other side of the box and i called and their customer service rep name rebecca and sara told me what address to put on the box . its been a month later and their still telling me they dont have the package yet i spent 245.00 with this company i know they have received the products back but just dont want to refund me my money to me this is a bad company to do buisness with and i want be ###ing with them no more in the future.Thank you Heads Up


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