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1 Bangalore, India

App-links Management Consultants
Contact information:
Mr. Malhari Dhotrekar
30/1, Kanakapura Main Road, Basavangudi Bangalore
Bangalore, India.
Current residence: surya apartments on uttarahalli main road block B.
Drives a TVS Star or a scooty pep.

The person identifies himself with the name Mr. Malhari Dhotrekar, He introduces himself to be a CS, BCom graduate with expertise in handling BPO/KPO processes. He swears to have years of experience in the same but everything is a big fat lie. His basic trick is to make believe people that he is capable of forming and running a BPO and guarantees you to make lots of money by it. He promises to get projects from Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and also Chennai.

He demands a very high salary and stays in each company for not more than 3 months, were in he tries to extract max money from you in the name of getting projects. He takes to people like Niranjan and Suman from Hyderabad who demand a consultation fees of 1 lakh to get a project that costs 2 lakh as upfront. He is already a director of 3 companies and has a DIN no. [protected]. He tells that all those companies are inactive but it is a white lie, He gets share from those companies till date.

List of reference companies:
Allesto Technologies, Bangalore
Netgeo Technology Solutions, Udupi
H2k Technologies And Services Private Limited, Bangalore
and so on and so forth.
His area of operation is Mangalore, Hubli, Vizak, and all places.

He has made us sign a contract with a company by name Aldiablos infotech Ahmadabad, and made us pay 3.25 lakh as a upfront. Although we did not sign any agreement, the money is unaccounted for. The company does not have a clue as to who we are and the company denies to have received any amount. Untill now, he has duped more than 5 companies and has no respect to culture at all. Please Be ware of this scam artist and don't encourage him.

He travels at others cost to places and takes money from each of them saying that he is going for our work. He has made a fool of everyone and is a master of talk, He takes control of situation and promises to get 10 lakhs in a month as profit with a investment of only 10 lakhs. He has made people invest 70 lakhs just to start a company and has left without giving any projects at all.
The current projects he mentions is
1. Airtel CAF filling
2.US Tech support
3. Insurance Process UK
4. India Book House
5. Columbia university project
Etc Etc.

Pls call any one of the directors of any company and ask them about him before you deal with him.
He acts like a know it all but trust me, He is a liar and fictitious speaker and a fraud.

App-Links Management Consultants

Jul 01, 2016

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