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Tempe, AZ, United States
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I worked for this company for a year and 10 months. $15, 000 is the amount that they stole from me within a ten month period. I lost my house, my car and almost my family due to this company. I know they have done alot of illegal crap. They have left drivers in the middle of no where. Held jobs over their heads, classified us as IC when we should have been employees. Pay settlements are all wrong.
I am trying to get other drivers to come forward. Come forward and tell your side of the story. What happened to you. DO you know that what they did to you is illegal, and not right? DO you want other people to go through the same crap you went through? Do you understand that we need to all come together now?
Apollo doesnt care. They never did. I have seen drivers come and go within three days. Once you start working for Apollo you never want to work for a drive away company again. Or when you got the contract they didnt do what they had in writing.
I tried to go to another trucking company. I wasnt able. Apollo made sure of that. I had no accidents on my jacket. NONE. When the company I applied to asked Apollo if i had incurred any accidents Apollo came back as YES. Told them them incidents like a blow tire, scrap on a truck fender, stupid stuff like that. The company came back and told me NO they couldnt hire me.
SO what im asking is the truck drivers that are past or present to contact me. write a rebuttal. tell ur side of the story. what happen to you? Its time to stand up! STAND UP AND BE HEARD!!!

Mar 25, 2013

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