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1 Manila, Philippines

I askd for refund & cancellation of my trip to cdo on june 26, 2017.. Why? Clearly because of the marawi war & the declared martial law all over mindanao.. I never expected ms tina hungriana of cebu pacific robinsons manila, to decline my request! Robinsons manila cebu pacific site gave me only one option. My god! A travel fund for the amount of php 8888.24!! I asked for a refund loud & clear! If I proceed with my cdo mindanao flight, I will hold cebu pacific liable to whatever that would happen to me under the marawi clash! Now that the muslims & the maute forces are in cdo. I have no plans of going to cdo anymore! I need my money back! Not the travel fund! I want a refund of my money! Please refund me what is due to me!


Jun 22, 2017

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