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Apex Digital / Deffective TV

1 VA, United States Review updated:

I purchased an Apex digital 19" lcd TV-model LD1919 for $250.00 in August of 2008. In May of 2008 it has died. I called the company and they told me to send them the TV, pay them $50 and they will fix it. I checked the web and there are many, many owners of this same TV and model that have had the exact problem--some sooner and some on my time table.

This TV is obviously defective and Apex knows this. This model ld1919 should be recalled and Apex needs to take full responsibility for selling a product that breaks and then trying to charge the consumers for the labor in fixing a problem that should not have occurred.

I also think the EPA should get involved because these defective TV's will end up in landfills. I will not try and have it fixed so, that is where mine is going.

Shame on Apex for selling junk to make a quick buck. This same model is still for sale and I want to warn consumers NOT to buy them. They are now cheaper--but it's not worth owning junk even if it's free.

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  • Mp
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    I bought the same television at Kroger's for $249.95 in November 2008
    and in April 2009 had the same problem. Called Apex and for $45.00, they will fix the problem. I should have read the reviews before buying the television. I tried to return it to Krogers and may still take it back and let them make the disposal. Average life span for this model seems
    to be about 6 months. I purchased the television for my mother who is
    in the nursing home.


  • Pb
      20th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Hello all,

    I too am a victim of Apex tvs amd my story is very similar to the ones above posted here. I had posted the following to another complaint board and I am replaying it here to support and confirm what others here have stated.

    My reasons for posting and for asking a question are few and quite simple, 1) to see if these forums are a good way of disseminating customer information to each other, 2) doing a public service in the process by sharing and inviting like information from others, and 3) uniting to create a better response from companies to customer problems and complaints. My guess is that yes, sharing and expressing these sentiments and telling each other of particular problems with specific companies and products can save others the same or like problems by alerting each other and hopefully deterring others from those problem companies who are only interested in a quick buck, don't care about the customer, and don't back or stand behind their products very well or not at all.

    Since I'm starting this thread and since I'm wanting to see if others agree with me that this forum can be helpful in helping each other, I will start with my first example of a case of customer neglect and customer abuse by a company that sells electronics and fails to stand behind their product after the product is but a mere few (8) months old. So, here goes...

    To all electronics consumers:

    This is a consumer “BEWARE ALERT” about Apex Digital Inc. products. Stay away from them as they are of inferior, very inferior quality and the company does not stand behind them very well, probably for that very same reason, their product's inferior quality of which they are aware and don't accept responsibility for. I purchased an Apex television and before it was even a few months old first the sound on it was going out and becoming very distorted and then it lost the picture completely and then would not even come on at all and hasn't now for over a month. I contacted Apex Digital tech support via the phone number in the manual about a month ago and since then it has been nothing but a series of excuses, run-arounds, delays and general lack of support and lack of accepting responsibility for their product. They come down to expecting the customer/consumer to throw good money after bad, as the saying goes, and expect the customer to pay to ship the item and pay a labor repair fee in advance to repair a television that in my opinion should not be needing any repair of any kind in its short 8 month old life. Why should a customer even be thinking of repair to an item that is only 8 months old and then one has to ask oneself-Is this just one symptom of other failures to come and more money and more repairs? Also, I live in San Antonio, Texas and cannot believe that in all of a city the size of San Antonio-a million plus population-there is not anyone that the company has here to repair or at least examine the tv. Then again I should not be surprised at this if the Apex products are of such poor and inferior quality such that no one wants to carry them and the company itself stands so poorly behind them. The moral of the story: stay away from Apex Digital products as they spell problems and will only give you grief as even the company itself-Apex Digital-does not believe in them or intend to stand behind them.

    Please respond to my question about whether sharing this type of information with each other helps us all be better informed and better protected against suffering like fate and be victims to companies that only want to make a quick buck not care about customer satisfaction once they've gotten our money. Please share your story, as I'm sure everyone out there has at least one similar story to tell of having been taken advantage of and tell of how you dealt with it and what was the end result; Thanks guys.

  • Ss
      8th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Right-On...I called the Kroger unit manager in Georgia and left a message along with the URL and urged the person who received my call to pass this information on to him. I also urged the Kroger person not to do business with Apex. I hope the Kroger buyer will get this information and go after Apex... or get their buyer to get quality tv's from someome else besides Apex. I am interested to see how Kroger handles this because my next move is to filter this up to the highest levels of Kroger that I can. I feel bad because this was a holiday gift and now I am out of the tv, out of the money, and Apex wants the consumer to return the tv to them accompanied with $150.00 for parts and labor. In tough economic times like these it would be a shame if the word gets too far out and these tv's sit in someone's inventory not moving. This sours me from buying electronics at grocery stores now. Shame on Apex.

  • Ch
      25th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I returned the TV set, they say they received the set, agreed to replace but will not send out a new one and this has been going on your months.

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