Apex Alarm Systems / They are sueing me!!!for a system that was never used&we asked them to bone and get their state out&uneven did

1 Florissant, United States

Apex alarm company solicited their system by knocking on our front door-the system did not work&we asked them to come out&fix it as we had to pay the police 75$for coming to the home when the system went off&would not turn off-Apex could come by door2door to solicit their system but wouldn't come by&fix the system&then they turned it off after only 1 1/2 months. Then they send a letter a month later saying we now owe 1400$-wat !!a joke-we never even used it-they said we could cancel the service anytime&that they would come&get if We were unhappy...we were!they just sued us right away!!crazy company&i refuse to pay them for something we never used&they lied to get a sale!!!

May 13, 2015

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