Apartment For Through Home Away And Vrbo On Avon Way And Inglewood Culver City, Ca. Home Away Property #3671851 And Vrbo Property #3671851ha / Owner and landlord is a BULLY, cantankerous and perverse if you complain to her about her property.

1 Culver City, CA, United States
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We are an elderly couple who stayed in this Home Away property #3671851 over the Fourth of July weekend and into the next week July 2-9, 2016. We experienced a great deal of noise because this corner unit is first floor and is close to public sidewalk and both streets which are Avon Way and Inglewood Blvd in Culver City, CA. Lots of noisy traffic, trucks and loud cars with blaring music, people out walking, talking all hours of day and night, smoking right outside of windows. This apartment unit is in a high rental neighborhood with a lot of people, traffic and outside noise. Having to keep the windows shut because of safety concerns, the small little AC unit in living room did not reach the bedroom or kitchen areas. We realize that our stay was over a very noisy holiday weekend, however the noise continued during the next week.
We called the owner to let her know about the noise level and the fact that we could not sleep during our stay. We wanted to leave and go home because of this. When she finally called back, she was rude and threatened us by saying she was going to write a nasty review on us. Because of her threats, we ended up staying and did not write a review when we arrived back home, as we just decided never to stay here again. However, she kept her word and wrote a nasty review on us giving us 1 star. Her cantankerous and perverse demeanor is a force not to be reckoned with. We would suggest if you stay here, don't complain about anything. We are sure she will respond to this review saying we were the problem, however, this will give a good indication of her manner and demeanor. So Beware.

Jul 31, 2016

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