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  • Da
      Oct 11, 2008

    I called their number and asked who they were and what I had purchased. Without even explaining or asking she apologized and informed me the entire amount (two months) w0uld be credited back to my card. Now, if they actually do it...

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  • Da
      Oct 16, 2008

    I agree, my daughter and I have both been scammed by this company. They are very nice and reverse the charges when you call them and ask to be refunded. It's companies like these who first scam people and then are very apologetic about it that give reputable internet merchants a bad name.

    Their method is to obviously have a small check box and statement somewhere on a reputable vendors website once a credit card has been put in. If you don't see this small and obscure statement and check the checkbox to deny the service, they feel they have legal rights to charge your credit card and automatically sign you up for their $19.95 monthly service which provided no service at all to me.

    Their statement was that I signed up for their savings club. I received no documentation about a savings club, nor got any benefit from the supposed product that they said I ordered. they also charged me $2.99 shipping and handling for a CD that never arrived, and would not refund that b/c they supposedly shipped it.

    Let's wake up American consumers and scour our credit card statements. We are being fleeced by deceptive schemers who are counting on us to just charge and pay. My bet is they are getting away with millions. Don't be afraid to contact your credit card company and fill out a fraud report. That will help them assist us in identifying fraudulent activity on our accounts.

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  • Mi
      Feb 05, 2009

    I had the same charges of $19.95 per month from AP9 valumax on my visa card, I am now in the process of disputing these charges. I agree that there should be some law to stop these companies from doing this type of thing, for years I just paid my credit card bills and never took a hard look at the charges but now I look at each charge every month and dispute any fraudulent charges that I find. I have also had a long distance company switch my long distance service on my telephone without my authorization of which I disputed that as well. They need to prosecute these companies and put them out of business. I am almost to the point of cancelling all of my credit cards because of these types of business practices.
    mike from west covina, ca

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  • Bo
      Apr 08, 2009

    I also was charge the 19.95 without my permission. They got it from an Intelius report that I ordered. I called and they cancelled and proceeded with the refund process. Hopefully the refund goes smoothly. I may have to get crazy if it doesn't.

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