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ap9 Shopping Essentials / Fraudulent charges!

1 United States Review updated:

As noted by others, after making an online purchase I was offered $20 credit on my order. I clicked the link; found they wanted more information than I was willing to give and closed the link. I finished out my order and opted out of the $20 offers on other sites. When looking at my credit purchases Shopping Essentials showed up. I had no idea who or what they were. My bank gave me the number to call. Although they have promised to refund my money I found it aggravating that they could not find me without me giving them my information (they could not look me up by their own confirmation number).

The thing is, the company I trusted my information with, Catalogue Favorites, gave out my credit information to a third party... that is reprehensible... I TRUSTED them. Bank of America knows what is going on but... they don't do anything about things like this... heck, they don't pursue people buying from HSN and having things sent to their own address on someone else's credit card... it is cheaper for them to just credit you money back if you fill out their forms.

Bottom line for me is Shopping Essentials is making fraudulent charges under the cover of "people sign up for the free month and then forget". Did not forget... I didn't sign up - period. I have a larger complaint with Catalogue Favorites; they are the ones who violated my trust and gave my credit card number out... what gives wth THAT?

They will also be getting calls from me... and no more business...

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  • Ni
      21st of May, 2008

    i just found a charge for 14.95 as well but the only problem is that i do not know which charge i did online that di it so my bank will most definitely be hearing tomorrow :(

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  • An
      9th of Jun, 2008

    I just received two charges from shopping essentials for 19.95 and was not aware of doing business with them so I called my Bank of America credit card and got no where not even an offer to fill out a claim I asked for one and they refused. The man told me I would have talk to the company that was billing me.
    I called and talked to this lady who was very apologetic when I told her what had happened then tried to offer me their service again for the same amount every month, supposedly they offer on-line discounts for ordering from other companies (similar to the Entertainment book), I told her no and wanted to cancel my membership as well as a credit to my account she said she would see what she was allowed to do for me well I stayed calm, but firm on my decision and she gave it to me as well as her name and ID number as a reference.
    I just want you all to be aware to pay attention when you purchase anything on-line read everything even the small print I know it sounds like a lot to ask, but we are not making purchases in person where we can ask questions to a real person.
    AP9 Shopping Essential is affiliated with beware of this parasite. Oh Classmates is aware of them they do business together I called to confirm.

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  • Ja
      17th of Jun, 2008

    The poster is correct that the real responsible party
    in this scam is the catalogue operation which, without
    any authorization from you, provides your credit
    card information to Shopping Essentials who then
    'signs you up' for their 'club membership'. In my case,
    it was done by Potpourri on the premise that it was
    necessary in order to avail myself of a $20 discount
    on the catalogue item I was purchasing. Potpourri
    is now off my list of catalogue operations I will buy
    from. Any operation with this little regard for their
    customers deserves no customers.

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  • Nv
      28th of Jul, 2008

    I am so upset knowing I've been charged $14.95 each month since last year. I couldn't figure out where this was coming from. I finally sat down one day and called the credit card company and they told me to call that #. After being transfered several times they said were going to refund me the $14.95, which I was very dissatisfied because they had been charging on my account for the last year!
    After disputing with the credit card they stopped receiving charges from this company on my card.
    this AP9 Shopping Essentials company is total fraud!

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  • Il
      10th of Oct, 2008

    I just had this happen to me, unfortunately. I had bought a pair of shoes off of Catalog Favorites, and over the next three months, I had an unauthorized charge of $11.95 taken out of my account. They're very sneaky about it, so I didn't even notice it until yesterday, when I realized that there was less money in my account than there should have been. I'm filing a complaint against Shopping Essentials through my bank and also through the Better Business Bureau, and I've also canceled my card and had a new one issued to me. I strongly urge anyone who has been attacked by these people to do the same, because even though they claim to cancel your membership, they still have your information and can start charging you again anytime they want. They were dishonest the first time around, why should we believe that they'll start being honest now?

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  • Al
      31st of Oct, 2008
    ap9 Shopping Essentials - Fraud
    AP9 Shopping Essentials
    P.O. Box 5152
    Des Plaines
    United States
    Phone: 888-243-6180

    I noticed three different "purchases" from my checking account for $19.95 each starting in August. When I tracked down a phone number to call Shopping Essentials they claimed I signed up with them when I subscribed to - I told them I never heard of them and had no idea what they were talking about. I got them to remove one charge, but they refused to remove the others because they said I signed up (which I absolutely did not) and they were incredibly rude. I am beyond furious - have contacted my bank to dispute the charges. I see they have many other victims as well. I feel very violated that they got my check card number and just started charging away totally outside of my control. I have complained to as well and cancelled my 3-month membership.

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  • Va
      10th of Nov, 2008

    I was going through my bank statement online today and I saw two different charges of $19.95 from two different companies that I had never heard of. Then I thought if I had shopped lately because one of the charges was dated for today and the other one was dates yesterday and I had stayed at home during these two days and did not even use this card at all.One of the companies is Shopping essentials and the other one is AP9.

    Then, I did a little research on the Internet on these companies and called their numbers that were on the transactions but could not find anyone to speak.Called my bank but their system was down temporarily so they could not help me.From what I understand, these companies are thieves who take away people's money from their account even without any authorization by the account holder.

    What I don't understand is that people have been complaining about these companies for at least 2 years and no government agency such as FBI has not done anything about them. It is very weird.

    We all need to file a complaint at Better Business Bureau to make these complaints official, so that they can investigate and possibly close them down with criminal charges. It is burglary and theft to take away money without our permission.How can banks allow them, I don't get it!!!

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  • Va
      19th of Nov, 2008

    There was a $19.95 charge from my checking account. The transaction was on october 31, at 8:45am., 2017. I have not even heard of this company until today, on my checking account statement.

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  • La
      19th of Nov, 2008

    File complaints with the Federal Trade Commission

    Trilegiant is the owner of this worthless membership program and have been fined by FTC and Sued in Il for illegal charges.

    Make sure FTC knows they are still cramming illegal charges for worthless membership programs so FTC can shut them down

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  • Je
      22nd of Nov, 2008
    ap9 Shopping Essentials - Fraudulent Charges
    AP9 Shopping Essentials
    United States
    Phone: 000-000-0000

    This company is a fraud! They charged my credit card and I had no idea who they were. I never gave out my information to them, and they could not look my account up by name, e-mail address, or zip code. They will ask for your card # to look up your account - do not give them any info. This is a total scam!

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  • St
      20th of Dec, 2008
    ap9 Shopping Essentials - Charged my debit card
    AP9 Shopping Essentials
    United States

    AP9 Shopping Essentials charged my debit card on 12/20/2017 for $19.95 I have never made any transactions to any such company and I am going to report them to my bank.

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  • Ma
      15th of Jan, 2009

    Shopping essentials charged 14.95 on my debit card unwillingly for a membership that they signed me up for without my permission. I did talk with them on the phone and had them cancel the membership, however this is ethically wrong and in my opinion, fraudulent for them to sign me up as a member to their company and then charge me for it by attaining my credit card information from another company. I feel this needs to be stopped immediately and the company persecuted for fraud. I wonder how many other people out there have been victims of this type of fraud.

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  • Ma
      15th of Jan, 2009

    I noticed $19.95 being automatically withdrawn from my checking account. They somehow got my Credit card number in the process of me signing up for I did not know what these charges were for. When I called and talked to a representative they said they would credit the charges. The representative I spoke to told me I clicked on something that said 7 day free trial...then the Charges started appearing on my bank statement for December 2017 and Jan 2017. They take it out at the beginning week so you are unaware unless you check your bank regularly, until you get a statement. I had no clue what this company is.

    The representative I spoke to proceeded to get more personal information from me... they did not know my email and I refused to give them my address when they tried to drag it out of me. I said 'You are charging my account and you don't even know my physical address or my name? Now, unfortunately they found out my name and some other things for their file. I need to call my bank right now and notify them.

    I have no recollection of signing up for any 7 day free trial. How were they able t access my credit information is beyond me!

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  • Kr
      27th of Jan, 2009

    This happened to me yesterday. For the last 3 or 4 months I have seen a 14.95 charge come out of my checking account. I traveled to NYC twice in that time so I kind of let the charges slide. Well I bought a car last week, which basically drained my bank account to 7 bucks. I checked my account yesterday and it was negative $7 because of the 14.95 charge from Shopping Essentials. I looked at my last 3 statements and it appeared on everyone of them around the 27th of every month. I called the number to cancel and they said they could only refund one month charge. I requested the supervisor who agreed to refund the last 3 charges...That's $45! I asked them how they got me information and they said I clicked on a coupon offer from I didn't even accept the coupon, but just by clicking to view the offer meant that I accepted their monthly services and their 14.95 charges per month. I STILL don't even know what services they "provide." I never thought that this could happen to me because I check my statement 5 or 6 days a week, multiple times a day. I am so glad that I caught on to them and I hope everyone checks their statements often. You should also beware of the "my rewards" concierge service that signs you up for. It's the same thing like shopping essentials. The my rewards scam happened to me last week and the shopping essentials scam was what I caught this week. I'm very leary of shopping for ANYTHING online because of these experiences. Best to all!

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  • Do
      22nd of Feb, 2009

    The same thing happened to me to. I was preparing tax and for charge from AP9 Shopping essential. I thought it was my wife's charge, she thought it was mine. We found out that they were charging our account 19.95 since November. I called them at the 888 number listed on the credit card. The computer wanted my credit card number...

    I decide to call my bank and cancel their charges. The bank have to cancel my credit card and I have to spend a day re-registering all of my automated charge. Argggg.

    Someone should sue these guys for all of the hassle.

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  • Ba
      23rd of Feb, 2009

    I agree with you completely.
    It was also, and I have no memory of EVER agreeing to this charge.
    I will be filing a formal dispute with my bank.

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  • Ba
      10th of Mar, 2009

    Shopping Essentials took 80.00 off of my debit card. They claim I signed up with them when I ordered some vitamins online, but i would have remembered if i sign up to be debited 80.00 a month for some so called internet savings. This is what the customer service told me when I called. This company is a total scam and should not be allowed to be in business, something should be done about these people. I have four kids and I'm struggling as is. I don't need help from the likes of fradulent companies like this.

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  • Si
      11th of Mar, 2009

    I was billed 29.95 and a 1.00 for an online enrollment for a free credit report. I remembered the terms and conditions and it slipped my mind to call and cancel. When I did call I spoke with a representative and they gave me a refund. I also remembered the offers that were made when I provided my credit card info. I read through everything and declined the offers such as Privacy Matters and PM Identity. For some reason people are so eager to get what they want and don't take the time to READ. And what is even more confusing that people feel safe in their home and provide their personal info on the internet which is also considered to the WORLD WIDE WEB! but are hesitant to give credit card info to a live representative. ? If you don't want to be charged don't be dumb enough to hand out your info.! It's not fraud! It's dumb people!

    Oh and this is a disclaimer...The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act ('ESIGN') 1, most of which becomes effective on October 1, 2017, marks the latest statutory milestone on the road to a nationally consistent legal framework for electronic commerce. It joins the proposed Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), versions of which have already been adopted in 18 states (including Pennsylvania and Maryland) with other versions pending in most other states (including New Jersey and Delaware).

    ESIGN and UETA apply to transactions among individuals, businesses, and governments; ESIGN only applies to transactions 'in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce'. Both statutes provide - with numerous exceptions - that electronic contracts, signatures and other transactional records 'may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability' solely because they are in electronic form.

    An 'electronic signature' is an 'electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.' As UETA's official comments make clear, 'No specific technology need be used ...[T]he critical element is the intention to execute or adopt the sound or symbol or process for the purpose of signing the related record.' Consequently a valid 'electronic signature' does not need to be an encrypted signature such as those created by PGP or other digital encryption programs. It can be a webpage clickthrough ('I ACCEPT'), a sound ('OK!'), typed letters at the bottom of an email message ('Moi'), a fingerprint, a DNA sequence, or something totally unimaginable today, so long as it is intended as a signature by the signer. Even the act of a nonhuman 'electronic agent' empowered by a party may be sufficient to bind the party. However, the more stringent and secure the signing process is, the more difficult it will be for the purported signer to deny or evade responsibility.

    It is the year 2017 everyone! Wake Up and read the fine print watch your billing statements. Fraud no! Irresponsibility yes! Why is it when I make a purchase online I see the terms and conditions and take responsibility of any charges that are posted to my account. And for some reason you people can not be responsible to read and comprehend that nothing now days is free! There is always something attatched to a free offer. Rule of thumb 'if something sounds too good to be true it usually is'. What happened to your levels of comprehension these days. It's not the company it's dumb people that don't read.!!!

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  • Sn
      19th of Mar, 2009

    Various websites like,, have been allowing access to your bank account info when you subscribe to their services. It happened to me. I must have left some box checked.

    In troubleshooting this problem I did find out from the tech at the the shopping essentials cancellation number is:

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  • Re
      3rd of Apr, 2009

    Shopping Essentials charged my credit card $11.95 per month for a 'membership fee' that I did not authorize. When I called the number listed with the charge, the person on the phone stated I had joined when I made an online purchase from 'The Stitchery'. I made no such online purchase. Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to this charge for several months - too late for my credit card company to do anything.

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