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This dealership will lie to you. Called to look at a car and they said to come on out, when i arrived the car wasn't there. Went back a second time, test drove car and was only able to go around the block because it was on empty. agreed to buy car if they fixed a couple of things. They had to order the part ( Got it off ebay) Dont no if it was used or what and told me i had to have it installed myself after they said they would fix it. Be aware of this dealer they will tell you anything to sell you a car. Be sure to get it in writing

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      7th of Jul, 2010

    yes, they are located on beltwood parkway in addison. They seem to have some nice selections, but just beware of what you are putting your mind and your time on. ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE BUYING, AND ANY AGREEMENTS SHOULD BE IN WRITING. I was told to put a secure payment of $400 for them to hold the car for me for 5 days, and after five days the car could be sold if I don't buy it. So, I asked the dude whether that 400 bucks will be given back to me if I buy the car. He is like hmmm i am not sure about that, but let me check with my manager. He came back and told that on certain cases I could get some money back from them through the mail??? I thought I gave you cash? Anyway I just didn't like the car after I test drove it, plus that fat [censor] finance bl***k dude wasn't professional at all. Him coupled with the rough ride is why I didn't spend anytime to look for another car in there. The finance dude just drove me crazy anytime I asked him a question concerning all the charges. Other than that, they have some nice car in there, just becareful when dealing with any car dealer and especially them.

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