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I accepted a plan from AOL where you get the first 10 hours free and then so much thereafter per month until you cancel. Well I only needed for a few weeks until my new high speed internet servcie was installed by a different provider. I do online school so I needed something to get connected for a short time. Anyway after the 10 hours I continued using it for about 2weeks then had it cancelled. I was recently on vacation in Florida and checked my bank account online and found a 100.00 deduction from my account by TWX*AOL Service. I just got off the phone with them about an hour ago and they said once I used my free 10 hours I had continued on using an additional 45 hours worth of dial-up. I can agree with that and still could'nt understand the charges. Well, they told me that they charge $2.65 per hour after the free 10 hours. I was sooooo mad. That makes no sense to me. Most companies charge on per month basis and when I heard this I just told what I thought of them. This is how they get there money by not stating this within the agreement. All they say is you will be charged after the free service but no where do they say on a per hour basis as I was just told. I dont understand how these companies are allowed to do this. Oh and after this discussion, Andrew continued to try and offer me services with them. I was like, Hey I know you are required to say this stuff but you just need to stop, I am NOT interested in any services from you. He continues with "Well I would like to tell you about a free CD we offer for no charge for tutorials through Video Professor". I stopped him again and said, " All I want is my money back, I would be willing to pay for the monthly charge for this service but for a 100.00 I could have had 5 months worth of unlimited dial-up through your service, as you are currently offering." He continues apologizing.I was getting nowhere and finally hung up!!! I WILL continue with this matter!!!

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  • Mo
      Feb 19, 2007
    AOL Dial-Up Service - Dial-Up service is very slow
    United States

    I can't get Broadband in area. My dial up is so bad it took 45 min to get into 2 web sites I needed to access. Why has AOL been so slow lately? Are they downloading updates or trying to gear-up for Vista? If AOL reads this, will you please go back to your regular service speed... Thanks

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