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AOL - Free AOL / Still being billed

1 United States

In December 2006, I decided to give AOL a try using some 6-month free CD I got in the mail (after that it was to be $9.95 per month). Well, I did try it and it came in handy at the time, but within 2-3 weeks I decided to pay the local phone company for DSL instead. I distinctly recall that I called AOL to cancel the trial.

Recently, I noticed that my checking account was $10 less than it should be for the month. They've been billing me the whole time! (I guess this is partly my fault for not SCRUTINIZING my statement each month lol)

The guy wanted the confirmation number from my cancellation request of 10 months ago (which I plan to find). He also confirmed that there has been no activity on my AOL account in 2007, but that fact doesn't affect their billing activities.

Shoddy - but it's working for them! Never going back.

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