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AOL / Charge for unused service

1 United States

We tried to cancel AOL because we went with AT&T. AOL would not talk to me in which my name was the one on the phone bill but AOL account was in my husbands name. I was told by AOL to call the phone company and cancel payment on my bill so the account would be canceled. I did that and then the charge returned on the bill which was $30.90 for dial up. Called AOL again and they could not cancel when my husband called because he could not remember the resturant he had put in alteast two years ago. When we named everywhere we go out to eat they still said they could not cancel the account because we did not have that information. My husband then talked to AOL one night for atleast two hours with holding and being transfered to one person to another by this time he was so mad he started using really bad language and the guy on the phone then said "Your account is canceled" in which my husband replyed that is what I wanted. Now AOL is trying to charge us for two months of service when we had not been using them. Because of the fact that when the first call that was made to cancel we could not name the resturant. We are not people that eat out a lot so when they said not one of the resturants we named was not the right one we had no idea what to do from there. But again it took my husband to be rude to get the account canceled. I am not going to pay this company for something we did not use and at the price they were charging for just dial up when we had not used them for months. I think it is unfair that they can say we owe this money when the phone company knows we had been using their internet for months. And I think AOL knows this also but just wants free money. After all everyone does like free money, but they should not be able to get it from people who do not have an extra $60.00 somethings dollars laying around to pay for something they did not use. Thank you for this time and hope I can get some help with this to fight a large company.


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