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Impossible to get ahold of anyone. When I try to call and nobody answers (I leave many messages) during their listed 'staffed hours' nobody will answer. I hoped they're just busy, tried driving over to meet up in person before work. Which, coincidently, there's nobody there (or willing to speak with me), so I'd leave my callback number on a note like the box outside the office says to do if I'd like a callback. Never received a callback. I often prefer to pay in cash for things since its impossible to accommodate my bank's wacky operation hours on my schedule, which is why I didn't mind going in during scheduled STAFFED hrs every month 5 days prior to bill due date, to make direct payments.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Uxbridge, MA As I explained this preference to the staff member, she assured me this was no problem and to come in and pay. I was def mislead. That worked a total of about 2 or 3x before their customer service became nonexistent. Besides this, I wasn't offered any refund or replacement for the 3rd hr. of personal training in a session I had to cancel due to the trainer being rude, making me feel uncomfortable, and refusing to train me in the area I paid him to focus on. I always heard gyms were a nightmare but I never understood until this and I wish I never signed up with Anytime Fitness. But I'll settle for being able to just get ahold of anybody who can move me forward in ending this forever so I can put this behind me and never think about these scam artists again.

Feb 17, 2015
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  • Di
      Mar 11, 2015

    I moved over a year ago to a state where there are no gyms breach of contract paying for a gym I can't use like the last comment no one ever answers the phone I've called in the morning afternoon and evening they never return a call my contract is up and it better not get renewed called left very strong message that I do not want it don't live where the gym is and haven't been getting a lawyer and sueing this is the worst excuse for a gym no customer service at all take your money and run I do not recommend this place to any one

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  • Am
      Jun 08, 2015

    Call up your bank and cancel your monthly payments. You will have to also send the head office a letter explaining that you are giving them their 30 days written notice as per the writing on the contract just over the member's signature line. Make sure you send them a copy of the expired contract and be sure to highlight all areas of concern. I too, am in the process of cancelling my membership with them. Gather up all your papers and send them the letter with a threat to sue. Address the envelope to the gym's manager. When they contact you make sure you tell them "Everything you need to know is in the letter i sent you. If you you wish to discuss this further please send me an email." The reason you need to say this, is because emails are considered legal documents and they will have to answer to the judge in small claims court. When you go to court make sure you have all documentation that pertains to this case. Don't show up empty handed.

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