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any and everytihing you want / rude and arogant management staff

1 Markham, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

On december 28th 2008 i went to this store; big mistake now that i look back, but who knew.

I first bought a tire sealer and it didn't work, came back to buy a portable air compressor to fill a car tire to bring in, no employee was willing to help me find it or let me know anything about it.

i than took it to the cashier since it had a price tag, i asked if i could return it if it did not work, being the last one and had no box or manual. she did not know and tried calling the department, and no one came to our repeated requests.

i finally asked for the store manager; big mistake. the guy didn't look like he could tell the time of day it was let alone solve my problem. I let him know about the lack of or no cooperation i was getting from his staff, he just shrugged; whoever hired this guy must have been desparete.

I told him that he had more employees than customers and still no one was able to help me, and his answer was that they were all busy.

i asked him more questions and vented out my frustration over this visit and he point blank told me to leave the store, i asked for his card. so that i could get his name to which he, replied "read it", he than made a desparate attempt to be rid of me by calling security. (dumb move on his part)

As i was outside the store and walking down the street a big grunt appeared barking out he was security and that i must leave the property, i went back i told this glorified baffoon that i was doing just when his stupidity brought me back to address him.

during the whole exchange i kept thinking "what planet is this guy from", why should i get into something that they want more than i. i was there to buy something and this guy wanted to bully and intimidate me not knowing i could drop him with or without the stick he held.

to make a long story short, canadian tire store #399 at 7650 markham road lost a $1000.00 sale in auto service and parts but after reading this i think will lose alot more in the long run

my friends avoid it like you would the the black plague.

in the end, i have filed a complaint with canadian tire head quarters but sadly enough i am just another number amongst many missdealings with independant stores that set their rules to the tunes they keep and our voices can only be heard by the dollar bills we withhold

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      11th of May, 2009
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    You are full of crap of putting the blame on that store as ODDs that would of never happend their but lets say that the ODDs are on your side and It did . You must of been such a ### that any sane manager would of asked you to get out as you were probally blowing hot air over a minor issue . If you couldn't get help for what ever reason then maybe you could of read the instructions to the product like most people do as really all you are doing is filling up a tire . Being in December it was probally cold and saying that a Tire sealer wouldnt proform at its best because it cant expand when its to cold .You are probally a idiot anyways. Saying that I doubt very much you can read as your spelling is terrible . You are probally one of the weekender that likes to abuse the retail system of buying and returning once you no longer need the item and coming up with a stupid excuse that I didn't communicate with my Mother and she bought the same compound saw . I have been in that store many times and they must be one of the liberalist Canadian Tire out their with great service especially in SPORTS and AUTO PARTS in comparisontoo the McCowan and Shepherd Canadian Tire Store who forces you to use a credit right their and then or that sorry ### store that used to be at McCowan and Hwy #7 which has since moved, now if you want lousy service try that store as their return and exchanges is nothing short of a disgrace . A employee said to me once was the Dealer doesn't want anything returned and they will go out of their way to discourage that and force him go to the Markham Rd store as they are much more Liberal with their returns . Nevertheless, I am sure they dont miss you their as you are probally doing the same thing to ever other retailer out their. You just blow HOT AIR

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