Antioch Nissan, CA.wrong diagnosis

G Nov 17, 2017

I sent my 2011 Nissan Sentra to the dealership from where I had purchased it for a problem related to difficulty in cold starting the engine. The service advisor said the tech needed an additional hour ($150.00) per hour; because he was having difficulty finding the problem. After replacing some sensors and gaskets; ($1400.00) later; I thought the problem was resolved only to return the vehicle a few days later for the same problem! The next diagnose it was suggested that I have my engine replaced due to engine sludge found in the manifold. So this (certified tech) cost me a lot of money for replacing the wrong parts!! This vehicle has 114, 000 miles and it is already trashed? Ironically I have a 2003 Nissan Sentra that has 195, 000 miles and it still performs in good condition. No doubt I bought a bad vehicle! Nissan customer service is good at listening to your complaints but has little authority over independent dealerships.

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