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Call and Faxed the next day after order was placed to cancel and get a refund. That was three months ago. On their receipt it indicates to allow 4 - 6 weeks. Have called numerous time, left messages and have been hung up on several times mid conversation. Have asked to speak to Sandy the manager but she seems to never be there. Have been told by Melissa and others the check is in the mail. Answering machine is on 75 percent of the time so they have no customer service and NEVER RETURN CALLS. I am sueing them in small claims court to get back the $150. So if this happens to you, sue them yourself and stick them with courts costs and fees, another $200 TO $400 plus. It's well worth it. They don't fight it. It's an easy judgment. If they don't pay the judgment, you just garnish their wages, and it can be done, and is very easily. You can also get an attorney to litigate the small claims case for you and get reimbursed for your attorney's fees, so there's another $300 - $500. So now on a $150 refund they would not return, they now have to pay $1, 200 judgment against them for the $150, plus all the fees and costs. CHECK BBB RATING - AWFUL!!!

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  • Li
      31st of May, 2010

    I didn't buy anything, but I really didn't like the sales tactics. The sales person started out asking me if I was afraid of black people. She followed up with a lot of questions about whether I had ever been in the inner city. Happens that I've spent a lot of time working with black people in the inner city, and this line of questioning made me a bit suspicious. She was sounding like a student doing some sort of research project. She asked me a lot of questions about my advice for poor people trying to stay out of trouble, and about what I thought should be done for poor neighborhoods. I told her (among other things) that it's important to be politically aware and to vote, and she told me that in Minnesota people with a record can't vote for 7 years after serving their time, and that they have to get their record expunged before being able to vote. I was pretty sure she had just made that up -- and she had! She followed up by asking me to "rate" her by selecting some titles from a list -- three if I just "liked" her, more if I really liked her, and a LOT more if I wanted to "adopt" her. I pointed out that it looked as if there was some sort of sale involved but that I didn't see any prices listed. She was willing to look up prices one at a time, but not to show me a list -- and every price was $55 or higher! This was for book titles like "My Grandma is Great" or "Guide to Punctuation." I pointed out that those prices were pretty high, and she said that was so I would know she wasn't being exploited, since she gets 50% of the sale as a commission. She kept telling me that my neighbors had all signed up for large numbers of these books. I was standing there bleeding from a fall off my bike, and I asked for 15 min to clean up. I spent a few of those minutes pulling up a BBB Grade on the Anti-Lazziness Company -- it was an "F." I gave her 20 bucks (which she took despite having told me that they don't accept donations), and also a copy of the BBB report.

    I don't like sales pitches that take advantage of white liberal guilt. I especially don't like being lied to, and offered extremely overpriced merchandise that (according to the BBB) is unlikely to be delivered.

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  • He
      30th of Jun, 2010

    Horrible company. Going after them in court for not delivering product after 8 months on order

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  • I0
      26th of Jul, 2010

    Very similar to what livewombat said.

    The sales pitch starts off with the guy saying he comes from the inner city and was involved with drugs and gangs, asked me why I wasn't involved with them, and asked if I always grew up in a neighborhood like the one we were in. He then proceeds to give me a list of magazines and says he gets a commission if I purchase one. There was no "People" or "Time;" they had these off the wall names and strange titles with expensive prices.

    He handed me a list of signatures of people who supposedly has purchased the magazines, which I was skeptical of. He then became fairly forward, saying things like "What's keeping you from buying one of these magazines?" When I told him I simply didn't want one, he explains these commissions and talks about how it gives people like him a chance to work instead of selling drugs or "waiting for a piece of government cheese." I could tell he was trying to play to the stereotypical white, middle class dislike of people, especially minorities, "looking for a handout."

    Ironically, he was quite interested in getting a piece of my cheese, because he still would take "donations" even if you didn't purchase a magazine. The only thing I gave him was a wish of good luck, which seemed to make him upset, and he turned around and left. Could have very well thought I was a racist for turning him down, which I'm the furthest thing away from, but I don't like door-to-door salespeople in general and I didn't like his sales pitch.

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  • Ta
      28th of Oct, 2010

    This is an absolute scam organization that suckers you into buying over-priced magazines who cash your check eventhough you meet the cancelaation requirements. If someone knocks on your door offering you magazines from this organization, don't even speak to them, just close your door.

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  • Ce
      11th of Feb, 2011

    We live in a gated community that does not allow soliciting. There is a big sign at the entrance with NO SOLICITING, so much for paying attention to the sign. The gates were opened a few evening ago and a young lady came in giving my husband a sad story while he was outside. Feeling sorry for her he placed an order for some magazines. I wasn’t aware he had ordered until later that evening when he mentioned it to me. The company’s name on the voucher reads “Commission Sales, Inc.” Unfortunately I have dealt with these types of people before and don’t like their selling tactics and know they have a bad reputation, unknowingly to my husband. My husband gave them our Visa card number and of course they charged our Visa card immediately. I told my husband I was going to cancel the subscription of which I faxed in the following day.
    On the voucher it states one has 3 days to cancel and the only way to cancel within that time period would be to fax it in, making it very difficult for one to cancel. When looking at the voucher a little more closely one has to realize that it may take 4 to 6 months before any magazines arrives, that is if they do. If you don’t look at it closely and read everything on the voucher you are not going to realize there is a $15.00 fee that is non-refundable for process and handling which is hard to catch because it is abbreviated. They way it is worded indicates there selling tactics which are somewhat misleading.
    When I checked my visa card the charge came up as I went on line and couldn’t find any company called Commission Sales, Inc. but found and decided to look for complaints against this company and found out they have an F rating with BBB because of their selling tactics. They have various complaints ranging from billing, delivery, refunds, exchanges, contract issues, customer service complaints etc., in other words there is a long list of complaints. They have more than one location; they have changed their name, probably because of the complaints. If you should try and get a refund make sure and keep copies of everything and make sure your charge company will help you if you have any problems. I was not wrong to have gone with my gut feeling in canceling the subscription. I am still trying to get it refunded. Be careful and don’t order any magazines from any door to door sales people. Don’t feel sorry for them, they can find an honest and better way of making a living instead of taking your hard earned money. Good luck.

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  • Na
      1st of Mar, 2011

    Same situation happened to me. I think I may start an email and post something on Angie's.

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  • La
      24th of May, 2011

    At least they are consistent with their inability to deliver their product(s), as well as their approach in selling us on their respective sob stories to convince us we need to help them. My experience was very similiar to the rest of your's. I ordered a subscription to Wine Enthusiast in Oct. 2010, which I still have yet to receive. However, after calling and leaving a message they did begin sending me a subscription of Vibe. I could see how that mistake could be made, afterall V and W are next to each other in the alphabet. I spoken with customer service reps (yes, they actually do exist) and was promised they would look into the matter and call me back. Of course, I have yet to receive a return call OR another magazine. At least I'm no longer receiving Vibe...but I really would enjoy Wine Enthusiast. The sad part is I will never again order anything from someone I do not personally know.

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