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A few years ago, we had to install additional security beams at our house after several break-ins. We made use of Anti Intrude at that stage. The service was good and we would not have hesitated to use them again in the future.
Recently we started to have problems with 2 of our beams and a few door sensors. At the time, we also switched security companies and we requested the new security company to have a look at the faulty equipment. Unfortunately, they couldn’t assist due to the fact that Anti Intrude locked the control panel and overrode the factory settings and nobody else was able to work on our alarm system. When my wife phoned the owner Danie, he said that they lock they system to ensure that customers will make use of them again in the future. I personally thought that this was an unethical way to do business but I still got them to quote and do the work because I had no other choice. The only other option was to replace the system that would cost more than R 5, 000.
On the day of installation, the technician also discovered that there were cables that were faulty. The technician doing the installation claimed that this was not part of the original quote and they will attend to this a few days later. My wife was very upset and told them to finish the installation before they leave the site. We were away on holiday and her 75-year-old mother was house sitting. My wife got upset because she was concerned for her safety.
The technician phone his boss Danie and explained to him what was happening. Instead of phoning my wife to understand what the problem was or trying to find a way to accommodate us, Danie told his staff to remove all the new equipment, put the old faulty beams back and leave the site.
I am shocked that a company can act in such an immature unprofessional way. In the current economic climate one would expect businesses to give good service and go the extra mile.

Dec 08, 2016

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