Anthony & Sylvan Pools / pool installation project

Northeast, United States
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This unfortunately has been a nightmare experience thus far with trying to communicate with Sylvan, Schedulers, Managers, PM, DC, etc. The delays, lack of response to messages and emails, trash and debris left at pool site and misinformation has left us resentful. We just want this project to get complete so we can move on. We've worked with many different contractors on other projects in our home and have NEVER gone through what we are going through with Sylvan Pools. Too much money has been invested and they know we cannot terminate our contract at this stage because no other company will finish what they've started and validate our warranty. We cannot in good faith recommend this company to anyone. Our recommendation to anyone looking to have an in-ground pool installed is BEWARE and BE AWARE of the following: Everything you will need to have done is not disclosed initially prior to signing of the contract with Sylvan design consultants. Research and read reviews. Regardless of the number of negative reviews, read them anyway and determine if there are trends with customer complaints that are similar and bring them to the table with your design consultant and/or project manager if you choose to proceed. Mind you, we did all of the above and are still getting jerked around after thousands of dollars have been spent. Do yourself a favor and avoid the frustration. Go with another reputable company who will respect you, your questions and concerns, ensures all sub-contractors are aware of their responsibilities, responds timely to your calls and emails, is transparent with requirements and expectations, is committed to completing the project, is trustworthy and appreciative of the customer.

Oct 25, 2017

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