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Antec Inc / Failed to replace defective product

1 47900 Fremont Blvd, Fremont CA, 94538-6507Freemont, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (510) 770-1200

This started with my having purchased an Antec Case back in October 2008. After a couple of months the Power switch became erratic and I had to remove the front panel just to turn on the power. About 2 or 3 weeks later the Power Supply failed and the system was dead. Needing this system running (it was my server) and thinking that this case was one in a million I decided to source the identical case. I called about every store in the west end but found one. I was completely stunned at what I took out of the box, the case looked like a twenty dollar case, by the way this case is worth upwards of $250. My first instinct was to return it to the retailer but I needed it and knew there were none around. I figured I would bring it to Antec's attention when I submitted my RMA for the dead case. I did that within days and had a case opened with Kyle. I waited and waited and didn't hear anything so I decided to check the status of my ticket online. My ticket was CLOSED!!! No resolution, no contact no nothing, just closed. I wrote Kyle and my ticket was re-opened, he asked me for some info and what my pictures represented (duh), they were pictures of the poor fit and dents (from the inside) on the case I just paid $250 for. Anyway I waited and waited again and guess what, the ticket was closed again. Now were almost 2 months into my ticket and nothing! I submitted a complaint through their Web interface, nothing, no reply whatsoever. Then I finally called and spoke to Jeff. I told Jeff everything, that I had one case with a bad switch and a dead PSU and that I had another NEW case that looked like garbage and that I had spent about 2 months waiting for Kyle to fix it up. I asked for the "Customer Service Manager to which Jeff said Kyle was the manager but he was not around anymore. Wonder why??? Jeff said he would get everything fixed up for me and apologized for the troubles I had. Over the next week or 2 Jeff asked for various things, Oh did I say I bought another Antec case, yeah I know shame on me. I run a smll computer business part time and build many systems. I bought an Antec Atlas 550 and you would not believe, it was dented from the inside, do these guys even know what QA is???? Anyway, I gave Jeff everything he asked for, receipts, pics etc. I even suggested to Jeff that I swap out the good switch and PSU from the crappy case with the dead PSU and switch in the well built case. Jef seemed to think that was a good idea and agreed that they would replace one Titan 650 Case and one dented side panel from the Atlas 550. Then out of the blue he sends me an e-mail to say they would not replace the Titan 650 case, only the Power Supply, WHAT??? I notified you of this piece of crap right away, it's not like I called a year later and said oh by the way my case looks like crap. And how do I dent it from the inside genius. I vented, pretty loudly but was completely ignored. Then I wrote their VP Scott and he too ignored me. Know what I have to say, don't do it! I refuse to support a company that will not stand behind their product, and dislike it even more when they give you the finger by ignoring you. I will buy from Thermaltake or Cooler Master from now on.

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  • Sc
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    Hi this is Antec's VP Scott who supposedly ignored this customer. He wrote to me at 9:44 in the morning of the day he posted this. Apparently our customer service people have tried all resaonable efforts to satisfy him. We have offered to replace the side panels, not the entire case. He has sent us pictures that do not really show much damage. He also has invoice that indicates he bought was a promotional sale (perhaps a discount for a scratch and dent?). He also has not provided us with invoices for his second purchase.

    Now he thinks he can post in places like this and get free stuff that he does not deserve by complaining and lying about us. As everyone can see I have responded to him within three hours of receiving his email.

    Scott Richards

  • Js
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    WOW! That was a really quick reply. Who are you trying to impress? You have some nerve and you sir are arrogant and rude. You are a LIAR, and it would seem your staff are as well. Yor company has done NOTHING to rectify the situation. You offered me a power supply when the damn case is nothing but garbage. It doesn't fit together properly, is dented in multiple places from the inside AND the switch doesn't work AND the power supply failed. And you say that I sent pictures that don't show much damage. You are missing the point, DAMAGE is the key word. How the hell did you become a VP, you obviously didn't do it with your care of customers and service. The pictures show the crap your company sells to your customers, ME. Remember, I am a customer, I paid for something that I did not get. A NEW UNDAMAGED CASE that will work for the duration of the warranty. WARRANTY, do you know that word? I wrote to you on April 13th 2009 (see it below), you did not reply. HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF TRYING TO GET SOMETHING I AM NOT ENTITLED TO. You just called me a LIAR and a CHEATER, how nice of you to treat your customers that way, I sir am neither. Maybe I should post the photos here for the readers to see the DAMAGE you say isn't much. And then you say I bought it at a scratch and dent, again a LIAR. And now you even know you are lying because I explained to Jeff that I had bought an Atlas 550 and had to return it because my Video card would not fit. HOW DARE YOU. I only hope that the people that read this see through your lies. If anyone wishes to see the correspondence I have sent for the last 4 months trying to get this dealt with I would be happy to forward it and the photos that apparently do not really show much. Write me at the address below. DON'T BUY FROM COMPANIES THAT TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS THIS WAY. The arrogance will get them if the recession doesn't.

    Email sent April 13th 2009 to

    Mr. Richards,

    I hope that I have reached the "Senior Vice President" Scott Richards of ANTEC Inc. If not, I would appreciate this being forwarded to Mr. Richards. I am sorry to disturb you sir, I'm sure you have many more pressing items to tend to but I feel the need to inform you of the terrible support I have received over the last 3 months from your customer service staff. Not to mention the extremely poor quality products I have recently encountered from ANTEC. I've been using your products for many years and have always been very satisfied. In October 2008 I purchased a TITAN650 case for a workstation/server for my own use. I have a small computer business (part-time) and also work as a full time I.T. Manager for an international company. In January 2009 the power switch on my new case stopped working correctly, before I was able to request an RMA the Power Supply failed completely. Needing this system back up quickly I found and purchased another TITAN650, I was very disturbed at the quality of the replacement case I purchased. The top panel was dented from the inside and there was a noticeable gap where the side panel met the front. I immediately submitted a complaint via your online Customer Support System. I waited more than two weeks but did not hear anything back from this submission so I decided to send an e-mail. Within a couple of days I received a message from Kyle Odom asking for details of my complaint. I forwarded to Kyle all the details and pictures of the gap I mentioned. I waited another two weeks but never heard anything so I decided to check the “Ticket” status online, the ticket was closed! I was stunned since nothing had been resolved, I wasn’t even notified the ticket was closed. Again I wrote to Kyle and he again asked for details. I sent him the details again and waited, again. After about two more weeks I went to check the ticket status, again it was closed. I decided it might be better if I called, I did so about two or three weeks ago and spoke to Jeff Smith. I told him about my dealings with Kyle and asked to speak to a customer service manager. Jeff said the Kyle was the manager but that he was “not around” at this time. Jeff seemed eager to assist and I thought that perhaps he would help me get these issues rectified. Additionally, I recently built a system for a client and used the Atlas 550 case, I was dumbfounded when this case was also found to have a noticeable dent in the side panel. Can I ask if ANTEC has any QA??? If so, perhaps there should be some question as to how I ended up with 3 ANTEC products (and not cheap ones) in a row that all have questionable quality? While discussing this with Jeff we reviewed the issues I had encountered and I mentioned that I could take the two TITAN650 cases, each with their own issues and make one good case (no dents, no gap and good PSU and switch). Jeff thought this would be OK and said that would leave ANTEC to replace one TITAN650 and one ATLAS550 side panel, I was very happy with this and thought it would be finally settled. Jeff asked me to send him the details of the products and the QA stamp information which I did last week. Jeff then asked for some additional pictures (of the dents) and copies of the invoice which I provided this weekend. Now for the unbelievable part, Jeff said the cases were over a year old and would not be covered by warranty. I was furious, this was not true, I purchased the cases, all three, within the last six months. He then went on to say that the case would not be replaced, only the PSU. Why is it that I would be left with what I can only describe as garbage? Why is it acceptable that I paid well over $200 for a case that should have never left ANTEC to begin with? I am terribly sorry to have written so much and believe me I could probably have another page at least but I do not wish to take anymore of your time. I would like to send you the correspondence but only if it is something you are interested in. More importantly I would appreciate having at least one person at ANTEC who feels the injustice I feel and who would see it reasonable to replace the TITAN650 case that I have. It is terribly sad that I have had to go to this extent, customer service does not appear to be of any importance to ANTEC. I do not wish this to be in a threatening manner but I would like you to be aware that I am well respected in my organization and my opinions are trusted. Not to mention the many computer related groups I am a member of. I feel it is a responsibility of consumers to inform each other of this type of experience, I know for myself customer service is much more important than any other aspect in a decision to buy a particular product. I have not received any of what I would consider “service” from ANTEC and am not really sure I will ever buy an ANTEC product again. I would really like to discuss this personally but would be grateful to receive at least a reply to confirm that you did in fact receive this information.

  • Wh
      24th of May, 2009
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    Well I'm not going to take sides here, but maybe Antec should have just replaced the case.
    Anyway as customers we don't get better service by being demanding.

    I used to work in customer service at AT&T and would always take the extra step to help a customer if they were polite to me.

    This is for Scott, Antec's VP, you should not lose your temper at a customer. Calling a customer a liar is not right.

  • Js
      24th of May, 2009
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    Hi Whiskeycat,

    Thanks for your comments, I just wanted to say that I "never" lost my temper until this post appeared from Scott. I haven't been so demanding either, my first letter to Scott should prove that. I apologized for even bothering him. And I have never been arrogant or rude like the response from Scott. Antec just hasn't been the upstanding company I thought they were, that's the reason I posted this, so other people will see what their customer service is about. I can't believe the length they have gone to not just replace what can only be described as garbage. I don't mind paying a lot of money for quality but that obviously won't come from Antec. It looks like my only recorse is to sue them in small claims court and I am investigating that. I also want to find out who the board members are so I can show them how their VP treats long time customers. Thanks again for your comments.

  • An
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    I'm on the same boat dealing with Jeff and Scott from "Antec Inc." USA and "Pc Case Gear" Australia, my supplier.
    They pass the ball each other, I'm the ball!
    After five months since I started my complaint:
    Jeff again asked me what was the reason for my complaint; Scott said that "Sometimes email from generic mailboxes like yahoo and gmail gets caught in our SPAM filter"!!
    How is it possible since I was told to send my complaint to a "specific" mail address!
    Antec wake up! We live in 2009, mails reach the other side of the word in matters of seconds also we no more use candles!
    My complaint:

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