ANTBytes Audio KaraokeStay away

On June 4 2009 I purchased the Antbytes Audio: Instant Download Karaoke voice removal software for $10.00 from the above website. As soon as the money was cleared by Paypal immediately the software was sent to me through email. I downloaded and followed the instruction but it did not work. I tried on several songs and either it is removing the whole song bothe vocal and music or it does not do anything. I contacted the seller and he suggested to do the same thing which is in the website which I already tried. I tried again but did not work. The website clearly mentiones that they offer money back guarantee so that the buyer can feel confident about purchase (check the above site). Then when I asked to refund my money they just stopped communicating with me. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SELLER AND THIS SITE. The softwares do not work and its a scam to take your money.


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