Anodizing Industries / yelling and screaming and osha non compliant

owner of company is freaking crazy. we work with chemicals that can potential kill someone and damage the city-spill happen all the time we are forced to work in these conditions with all the fumes and hazard that occur on a daily basis. Not only that but the ownere of the company yells and screams not only at his wife but all the employees. codes are not being follow-osha is not followed-they dont let us take our lunch or breaks this place is out of control because of the hitler woner that runs this company its like working in a sweat shop. Someone please help this man is crazy and pretty frightning that he might end up hurting someon- he yells at all the employees and at his wife and son-calls us [censored] heads, idiots, ###s, so on and on. Please send someone send help to stop this harrassment and maltreament-chemicals are being spilled chemical rules and codes are not being applied please help!!! just last 2 weeks ago there was a spill, the roof leaks water, so on and on

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