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Annie McClain / Dentures

1 Zanesville, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 740-987-8810

I went in 2 years ago to Affordable Dentures in Zanesville, Ohio. It was the worst experience I have EVER had in my whole LIFE! I had to wear my temporary teeth for 6 months cause thats what they stated and during those 6 months my gums shrank and the temps didnt fit anymore. I went in and they put some stuff in the temps so that they would fit me even longer and the girl stated now "wear these as long as you can", yeah ok.
I FINALLY went back in for my real teeth -what a mess-my Mother went with me. I also talked to people in the waiting room that was ALL disgusted with the office and their teeth. They are ripping people off! Anyways the Dentist made the molds of my mouth, etc, we went back later to get them to find out they didnt EVEN fit!!! Then when the Dentist seen they werent fitting he asked me to go back in this backroom where he asked me to open my mouth and he grinded down my bottom front teeth, , MY REAL TEETH. Now you want to talk about hurting, cold, air, anything hurts my bottom teeth now, well they got sawed in almost half.
They still didnt fit so the Dentist says come back we will make you a new set, free of charge I might add. I told him that with my schedule, working, kids, etc it would be a WHILE since they only take patients at 7 am and if your late they REFUSE TO SEE YOU, yeah I found that out the hard way driving over 2 hours roundtrip just to be told I wasnt there early enough.
The last 6 months I have e-mailed, rang their phones off the hook, left I dont know how many messages, I even sent a fax, and NOTHING! So I thought yesterday I'll give it another shot, since Im still in my temporaries, and they rub my gums so bad, well you can imagine.
Well anyway SOMEONE actually answered at the ZANESVILLE office, a very rude and CRUDE woman named "Cora", wow was she a real winch! She stated the recieved my e-mails, just then and because I basically made complaints I couldnt have my teeth redone. Isnt that some bull there! When I started going off she stated I am an EMPLOYEE here and all your RATTELING isnt going to do a damn thing. Isnt that professional, honestly!

I got RIPPED OFF $700.00 PEOPLE-dont make the same mistake, they dont take ANY INSURANCE FOR A REASON!!!

I am filing a complaint with The BBB, and whomever else I can, maybe the Medical board? Any suggestions feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading my complaint.


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