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Good day
I must say that i am to the upmost level that anyone can be, unhappy/upset due to the unhygiene rules & Reg of Checkers Mokopane.when i walked into the store, it smelt horrible, like garbagge trash.2nd of all, when i went to the display section where they sell desserts, pies, rolls inside all products was surrounded by flies.The baking and meat area was so dirty and unorganised, never saw somerhing like that.The Fish display: very smelly and bad display, flies sitting on the fish.About 12 staff members are mopping the floors, but it smells bad...

Honestly speaking, i want to see any owner of a checkers buying or eating something out of that store.If this matter not going to improve i will send the Dept od health to that store.We as cuatomers will get sick.Flies is dirty...

Annezz fouche

Nov 08, 2016

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