Ann C. Williams agencyin authorized charges

I just at it this all out once was told repeatedly my son is not going on my policy he'll get his own after his car is fixed and it will be on his car in his name he does not drive any of my vehicles which she seemed to have a hard time understanding obviously because my insurance just doubled. I hav ed been trying to get insurance for a month on the business I just started but she won't return my phone calls now that I got my bill I see why. I have got ton calls at 9 o'clock from her when I was adding insurance but she doubled 4 trucks a motorcycle and home owners insurance with 1 teenage driver when told not to add him. Her secretary said he has to be added as a driver if he lives in home and has his licence. I don't see why he would if he don't drive any of the vehicles lady. She act like I was lying to her or something. I'm pissed and I'm no [censored] liar!!!

Jun 08, 2018

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