Anjou Restaurant / Very disappointed

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I love sushi but after a visit at Anjou restaurant I don't think I will be eating sushi any time soon. I was very disappointed with the experience. I had been there before and I found it quite good so I thought of giving them another try. But this experience was bad. The sushi is nothing close to what a sushi is supposed to be. The idea of eating outside was good but the food was what disappointed. I thought the price they have for the sushi is not at all worth it. It is too expensive for sushi that is nothing like the Japanese sushi. The food was very bland and the atmosphere there was very boring this time. I don't think I will give them another chance. I will surely go there if someone is treating me:D but if I have to waste my money on them sorry that is not going to happen. The atmosphere was boring, snooty and the food was bland.


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