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My word, what is WRONG with the animal control services of Asheville, NC?
They cannot even BOTHER to try stop people from feeding large wild animals that pose a risk to people's safety, i.e. bear, deer, etc.. but yet, they are starting some campaign in which they will INSIST that people must NOT chain or tie up their own animals in their own yards!

I do remember having a dog where we had a fence around the entire yard, and yet STILL we had to chain him up, because he found a way to dig out from under the fence we had!

Also.. this animal control people are putting hundreds of people's lives at risk now, because there does NOT exist any Lyme Disease shots for humans, and where there are people nearby feeding wild deer and even leaving HUGE blocks of salt out, deliberately to ATTRACT the wild deer, there are also a ball park for children close by!

How stupid is that? I wonder if any of the parents who take their kids to that ballpark are aware that there a ton of deer that come onto that park and leave their feces, and also very possibly deer ticks that carry Lyme Disease?
It saddens me to think that while we pay taxes out the nose all over the state of North Carolina, they cannot even BOTHER to tell someone to take a salt block or a pile of apples off their property, when they live in a residential neighborhood and also only a few hundred of yards from a public ball park that hundreds of people use a week!

You are a bunch of ignorant fools, Animal Control if you think you are NOT putting our very lives in harm's way!

Also, the street the ball park is off, is very heavily trafficked, even if the Lyme Disease did NOT exist, we have almost run into deer coming down the road countless times!
You're not doing your job right and you ought to be let go! You have NO right to put people's lives at risk by insisting it's SAFE or OK to leave out a huge block of salt that's only being used to attract wild deer, especially when it's within the city limits!
I have researched this same situation on the web and there's other towns in the country that also have experienced this HUGE influx of deer in urban areas, but yet, still at least they PASS an anti-feeding deer law, not Asheville though!
They even had a wild bear running around town this New Year's Eve in the the Downtown area!
It's lucky no one was attacked!
Why even bother to be an animal control officer, if you want wild dangerous animals to run freely in people's yards and put their very lives at risk, I have to ask?

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  • Ta
      22nd of Oct, 2011
    animal control - Bad service, they dont return phone calls
    Animal Control
    United States

    We called Animal Control in Bisbee AZ . We were transferred to Police Department and we said to leave a message for the Animal Control Department. We did, but they never returned our phone call.
    We wanted to let them know that our dog was attacked. We also wanted to find out and make to sure that this dog had all his vaccinations. We wanted to recommend to the pets owner about bring the dog with a leash while visiting public places like a hotel.

    Also, we tried to contact them days later and they told us to leave a message again but until now (two weeks later) none called. I wonder what they do when emergencies happened.

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  • Lz
      24th of Sep, 2013

    As a Animal Control Officer. I am not working at the Asheville, NC location, but i can understand where you are coming from. But i also understand where they are coming from. All they can do in regards to the Deer is to educate people as to what the salt blocks are doing. But without a law in place they can not stop it. Unfortunately there are a lot of things those of us as Animal Control wish that we could do but we can't. Just like you we are have a law that we still have to follow. Do we wish sometimes that we didn't have to yes. But I'll tell you the same thing i tell others. We witness so many different things on a daily basis. Things that you would never imagine could be going on in our neighborhoods. If you ask a ACO about some of the stuff they've seen most wouldn't even know how to describe it. But Our paperwork that we are required to fill out requires us to go into details and relive moments you sometimes wish you never had to see. I've seen a dog that i went to, and because it took so long for someone to contact us about the situation that dog died the same day I picked it up. It had more attention in the 5 hours it lived in my care than it had had for months. When you see the animal and you know it's going to die but there is nothing you can do to help it besides make it more comfortable. That memory/image will never leave your mind. Or when you go to a house and you see 30 animals living in there own urine and feces, and you see the people that are living with it all. You wonder how can you ever handle this, and the hole time you are walking thru it thinking, am i ever going to be able to get all these animals and what will i do to not get this stuff all over me. when 9 out of 10 times your going to wind up in it just trying to catch the animals. I remember when i opened the door to a closet and all you can see on the whole closet door is thousands of cockroach's. You then get done with that job and your thinking it can't get any worse than what i just saw, and then you get to the next house and it's 10x worse then the one before. We many not be able to go after every animal that someone wants us to, for we can't always get to every call, but we do our best to get to them. I know that we do not do wildlife at the locations I've worked, and there are very few agency's that allow them to. In Asheville, from what I've seen there they have a group that does wildlife management. They are trained for that specific field. But for most of us that are in Animal Control our learning comes from our experiences. The Calls that we go on we always learn something new. Sometimes you just learn from doing. We get trained to handle some situations, but they can't train you for every situation you will ever come upon.
    I can't tell someone not to leave a salt of block on there property, i can just educate them as to what that salt of block might lead to. I can't say NO you can't do that, because it is there property, and if they want to lure the animals there, then that again is there property. I can just educate them as to what can happen with that salt of block

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  • Ca
      5th of Jan, 2014

    We're lucky no one was attacked by a black bear in town? seriously? We don't have grizzlies here. You moved to the mountains. Asheville is not a vast metropolitan concrete jungle void of wildlife. It is a small town in the middle of an enormous mountain forest. I'm from NY. I've been here almost half my life. The deer and bear and bobcat and coyotes, ...etc have been here FOREVER. If your idea of enjoying mtn life is just looking at them without interacting with the natural world, buy a painting and hang it on the wall in your big city apartment. Our animal control officers are not an army declaring war on nature. They are here to simply to make this place safe for all animals (human and otherwise). And honestly I would bet they have to protect animals from humans more than the other way around.

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