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Animal Activist / Sea World cruelty

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I would like to complain against the Sea World Parks and Organization, in light of recent events with the death of the whale trainer. It is extremely tragic that a member of the staff was violently killed in this situation, however, I must point out that this would have never happened if these animals that are held against their will, were in their natural habitat. It is unnatural for these large aquatic creatures to be contained in a tank--they are meant to swim free in the ocean--their true home. We live in America. A country all about freedom. Then I must beg the question, doesn't that mean freedom to all men, women, and creatures? I believe it is a crime to trap these animals, force them to perform, and rob them of a life of bliss in the sea. It is a crime. We should be ashamed that we endorse and allow such behavior. I enjoy theme parks just as much as the next snow-cone loving, sunglass wearing yo-yo; but I can no longer sit back and allow this injustice to pass before my eyes. While many are blaming the murderous whale, but I think we should really be pointing our fingers at the neanderthals who decided to put Shamu in a tank.

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  • Ja
      25th of Feb, 2010
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  • Mr
      3rd of Sep, 2010
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    I whole heartedly agree with this complaint. It is unethical and immoral to take a sentient being from his/her natural habitat and family, and force it to perform for uneducated bullies/cowards like Jack Bowdige, who has demonstrated his disturbed and imbalanced state of mind, by his comment on this page.

  • Qu
      12th of Dec, 2010
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    Those animals that are rescued need to be there because
    they are not well yet and need to be helped by humans
    others were born there and have all their families there
    and don't have the skills to hunt nor survive on their own.
    In the case of Tilikum, the whale that had a problem with
    the trainer he was very stressed because he doesn't want
    to be in an aquarium anymore and he knows that if he acts
    up sooner or later he will be set free. Sea Word of Florida
    was accused by the family of the trainer that they had the
    whale there while the trainer was there, they should have
    put her somewhere else. I really think Tilikum should be put in the ocean-that's where he would be happy. Lolita is another
    whale of the Sea World of Florida who is miserable. This year
    a renowned marine mammal scientist took Lolita's case to
    the U.S.Senate's court, let's see what happens. The U.S. laws could protect more captive whales so there won't be accidents
    like the one of the trainer and release those that have worked
    in the aquariums for a long time or put them in retirement.

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