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Have placed a complaint to Anglicare Cental QLD regarding the disturbing and unprofessional practices of a male staffer in the Rental department. Weeks went past with my initial complaint so I wrote to the CEO of Anglicare Qld then I got a phone call. Two people from the same office of the said male staff member came to interview me only to be told I would not hear of the outcome result of the complaint. I know I am not the only person to lodge concerns regarding this male person. Then on the 17th January, I see this man still working for Anglicare Central Queensland. I have an email from this person quoting that the Anglicare office saw me as a f--/ing joke. This was also sighted by the people who interviewed me. This company should not be representing the Australian Gov Department of Housing as he has a blatant display of professional practice and an abuse of position and power. I would encourage others with legitimate complaints to speak up regarding Anglicare Queensland. This company has a large portfolio with the Dep of Housing and they allow their staff to treat their clients like f--/ing Jokes verbatum to his text message to me.

Jan 17, 2017

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