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This London based con company are currently operating in the Oxford area and unfortunately called on my Grandparents in Kennington last week. They basically claim the outside of your house is unsafe and not weatherproof etc so needs redoing and that they will do it with all these great products and it will last for so many years etc etc... They were at my Grandparents house for over 8 hours and wouldn't leave until they had both signed to hand over a £2000 deposit and signed into an extortionate loan to have the work done, they even used a story about them getting this amazing discount because they banked with Barclays. Luckily we have all looked into it and been lucky enough to get them out of it because there is a 7 day cooling off period - although these con men obviously didnt tell them about this!

From researching on the internet I have discovered this company have operated under different names to avoid being traced including Pearl XPS who have been on Watch dog and are under investigation. They have also operated in a number of different areas; Croydon, Surrey, Swindon, Gosport and no doubt numerous others.

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  • Mf
      Jul 28, 2009

    Just got a call from my in-laws, both aged 88, saying two men had called on them in Morden, Surrey, and quoted them £8, 500 to have the back and front of their terraced house done with Andura Guard. They phoned first, claiming to have taken over from the company which did the original cladding 25 years ago (no way of checking that) and when my inlaws showed some interest they then called around personally for a two-hour-long hard-sell including a video presentation. My inlaws were advised that the work badly needed doing (not true, as far as I know). The quote was quickly discounted to £5, 850 when they showed some reluctance, but only if they signed that day. Fortunately, they asked for time, and rang me. I checked on the 'net and found Lisa Martin's posting above, and read it to them over the phone. Disaster averted. Thanks, Lisa. Funny how they only sell to old folk, don't you think ?

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  • Li
      Jul 30, 2009

    In reference to my previous post on 15/07/09 not all of my facts were totally accurate and the company were reasonable in honouring their cancellation agreement and return of the deposit

    Lisa Martin

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  • Gt
      Oct 11, 2009

    Thank you for putting this article on the net. I have had a funny feeling about this company after my interview last week.

    I am supposed to be starting a 1 week induction course to their sales team this Monday 12/10/09. W0w how strange is that, it is 21:42 and Paul from Andura Guard just called to see if I would be attending, needless to say he was not happy, because they could of given a place to someone else.

    He did also say that Lisa was an ex-employee and they thought nothing could be written any more.

    Paul's final words were, "was your lost".

    Thanks again, I hope this helps other people.

    Good luck all

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  • Ma
      Nov 06, 2009

    Just want to add a word of warning for people to beware of this company. AnduraGuard knocked on our door offering a free survey of our walls of our 1860's house. Stupidly we let them do it and the salesman who was with us for nearly three hours explained all the so called problems with our walls and the super product his company was offering. The initial quote was reduced from GBP 25000.00 to GBP 16000.00 if we signed there and then, Of course we said no, only to receive a further call a week later to say some jobs had been cancelled and if they came round again they could give us a good price. This time a different rep quoted us firstly GBP 12500.00 and finally GBP 8900.00 which sounded like a fair price for the work to be done. We signed a contract and after had serious doubts about what we had done. Further investigations told us we had made a bad call and we imeedaitely cancelled our contract which was honoured. We have since had a local bulider come and look at our walls and has quoted us GBP 1200.00 for the work that needs to be done. Luckily we escaped but they do use scare tactics to try and make you decide there and then to sign a contract.

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  • Co
      Dec 03, 2009

    03.12.2009 - Just has a cold call visit from their promotions people (Apex Promotions Limited) in SE25/Croydon area of London last night at about 5pm, by which time of course it was already very dark. They wanted to know if I owned the house and wanted me to give them my telephone number so someone could "call and make an appt. for their specialist surveyor to attend and inspect the property" - needless to say I smelt a rat and gave the rep. short shrift but took a leaflet which contains an 0800 tele. number (for them) and an address (again) just for them, not the company that would actually be doing the work if I decided to proceed, no obligation to like - she said - hah ! in Edware, Middx. - a good 20 miles away from Croydon and therefore presumably "safe" in their book. Having since read the comments on this and other consumer sites I decided that I would report the matter to both the Local Police and to Trading Standards as, clearly, they are desperate for business and will, of course, tell you that expensive work is needing doing even if it isn't and should therefore be discouraged from continuing with their practices. I doubt if much will come of my calls/e-mails but at least I know I have tried to stop some poor soul from being taken in by them. I am not elderly btw - but do own my own home unfortunately, and therefore feel a little bit vulnerable now (the rep. asked if my number was when I said she couldn't have it, nor was I prepared to tell her when I would/wouldn't be at home to speak to/see their rep.) - I hope they don't go as far as tracing me via electoral roll and then directory enquiries otherwise I just might have to sue for breach of data protection act.

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  • Ev
      Feb 22, 2010

    It started with a man calling at the door and offering me free outside walls check (under no obligation). I agreed and a man called Steve Johnson rang to make arangements for someone to call. This chap came and was with me for 3 hours. In this time he showed me a DVD on the product endorsed by Michael Fish, checked all my walls and said they needed some work, although one of the small minor cracks he talked about was where we had new doors put in at the back and not as he said where the render was lifting off of the bricks. He then worked out the cost which came to £11, 518. If I bought it on the day it was just over £8000 but as I am a pensioner it was just over £7000. He asked about payment and I told him it would be cash. From his manner I think he would have preferrd me to say a loan. I explained that now was not a good time to have it done and that June/July would be a better time. He explained that did I understand that if I waited it would be the first price, I said I am sure we could wait until June and just start again from scratch. He agreed and took my telephone number and left after telling me to not bury my head in the sand about the work that needed doing. That I thought would be it but no. A few days later I received a call from Steve Johnson saying that they hadn't much work at the moment and was sure he could offer me an even better deal that before. I agreed that he could come round the next day. In the meantime I went on the internet to look them up and low and behold found that all was not as it seemed. I telephoned the company and asked them to give Mr. Johnson a message not to come as we had decided to get a surveyors report first. In the late evening that day I had a call from Mr. Johnson asking why I had cancelled his appointent. I told him that I had looked the company up on the internet and he didn't seem very pleased. He tried to persuade me to change my mind, but I explained to him that we had decided to get a surveyor in to the assess the brickwork and outside walls and I would telephone him after that.

    He slammed the phone down on me. Enough said I think.

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  • Bi
      Sep 12, 2010

    We had the same problem last week some very nice guy came in and did a "free survey" and came up with a free qoute and said it would cost 25, 000 british pounds we said no! and he came back and said 16, 000 we said no again he left and a week later (today actually) he said 4, 000 i said no way and he was being very rude and said this deal is amazing and i knew "nothing about business" he stormed out and took his business card with him which was a bit odd anyways this company is very dodgy indeed they always seem to have workers doing "nothing" i live in Feltham West London TW14 i was wondering if these idiots move around london once they exhausted all their options in some towns I feel old people are very vulnerable to this due to the fact these idiots stick around for 4 hours at a time and then pressure you allot thankfully im 21 and can handle myself physically gold bless the old and sick

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  • Gi
      Sep 19, 2010

    We also received a cold call from Apex promotions about two weeks ago who stated that they were just carrying out a free no obligation survey of our exterior walls, as they were new in the area and just wanted us to hear the quote and keep them in mind if and when we decided to get the work carried out! We own a Victorian Semi and do actually need our repointing re-done which both my husband and I are fully aware of, so I took up their offer just out of interest.

    We were then called by Steve Johnson who informed us that he would be round to carry out the survey at midday on this particular Saturday and that both of us had to attend as they were fully aware of 'certain' companies using bullying tactics, but they followed strict trade standing regulations, no mention of how long it would take etc, anyway a different rep turned up over an hour and a half late, with no apology and did not seem aware of the time slot we were given and used some excuse blah blah blah after nearly two hours and sitting through the nice Michael Fish DVD and representation, we were then given a figure of £14.150, which we refused straight away and made it clear to the rep that he did not stand a chance of getting us to take up the offer, with that he left very swiftly taking all paperwork with him, even though they had stated that we would be left with a free survey report! Less than a week later we received another call from Steve Johnson who was calling 'to find out how our meeting went'... when I told him of how late the rep was and how I wasn't happy at how long meeting had taken and they should warn people' etc etc he was very apologetic and stated that he would personally inspect our walls and see if he could make us a great offer, it would be a very short meeting, ie 15 minutes a the most, as a way of making up for the first meeting. Next day (another 'wasted' Saturday) another rep turned up, (not Steve) but apparently a' Senior Manager' who had said to Steve that he was in the area anyway, so he may as well call upon us, this time rather than turning up at 4pm as arranged, he showed up an hour and a half early, which did not go down to well with us. Anyway 2 hours later after this rep repeating himself numerous times and carrying out exactly the same measurements as the previous rep, he gave us a 30 day fixed price offer of £10. 200 and a no ifs, buts or why's, buy now offer of £6130.00, which I thought seemed to good to be true and my womenly instincts were screaming inside saying something was not right, how can they start at £14.000 and then go down to £6000, apparently they have had late cancelled jobs and have workmen sitting idle, which is what they call 'dead money' as they have to pay them for just sitting in the canteen!!! So they can now offer these great deals. I told my husband that I was not happy with any of this and did not want to agree or sign anything. We said to the Senior Manager that we were not happy to agree to anything here and now but would let him know early the following morning, I also stated that I would not agree to anywork being done on our property without seeing references from other householders and seeing the work which had been carried out, he then said that I was accusing their company of not being creditable, he then got really defensive and tried to make me feel really stupid by stating that I would not get any references in this day and age from any builder (even though we had a damp course carried out 2 years ago and got good references with no trouble at all) he then really tried to pressure us again and the atmosphere just turned horrible, my hubby very nearly cracked but I insisted ' No' was the answer, he left very unhappy and the persisted to sit in his car outside for another 20 minutes. I just think that if we had been elderly we would of ended up signing for the work and paying god knows how much. We are now actually going to warn our elderly neighbours as it was not until after this last meeting that we looked up details on the net and are shocked by just how many negative reviews there are, as well as how many different names the same company has traded under, not to mention the rouge traders programme. I am very much looking forward to them having the cheek to call me again!

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  • Mi
      Sep 29, 2010

    Hi all, my mum (80) had a cold caller from this company (Paul) who arranged to meet her and my younger brother this morning. 3 hrs of survey and Fishy DVD and 18000 quote (back and front of crumbling 1926 semi) reduiced to 10K if sign on the day. My bro had presence of mind to say he needed to talk to me and older bro. Sis in Law advised paperwork cheap, no coompany number, no Institue of Builders/whatever. Barclays deal was fishy if mum died in 2 yrs - al paid off by barclays - in this day and age, almost toxic debt at her age!). Looked up on net, found this so relieved. But as my bro says no-one has as yet actually had any work done, let alone bad work done by them. So who has or is it just the net getting too excited and doing an honest business out of work?

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  • Li
      Dec 09, 2010

    This company is now trading under the new name of Top Roof.. previously( Pearl XPS, Anduraguard, Wallcote, Mosaic, Apex Direct and Weatherex) and are currently in the welling/plumstead area. If you have any friends relatives that live there please let them know.

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  • Mi
      Feb 28, 2011

    Check out the BBA certificates. Fort EPS claim to use resiplex manufactured by Bayer Global Group (Europe) ltd
    BBA certificate No (93/2917). Anduraguard use a product manufactured by Andura Coatings BBA certificate No(93/2917) Theres a surprise?

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  • Ha
      Apr 18, 2011


    just let everbody know top roof is doing a big push for sales in the swindon, bristol, glos, oxford area

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  • Sa
      May 20, 2011

    I am a Trading Standards Officer currently investigating these Companies. Any information and paperwork etc would be appreciated.

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  • Sa
      May 20, 2011

    my email address is [protected]

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  • Bl
      Aug 06, 2011

    Someone came to my door the other day from Hi Marketing (Home Improvement Marketing Ltd) offering a condition assessment of my exterior walls. A lady then phoned this morning asking to speak to my husband. I asked why and she said that she wanted to thank him for what he did for her. When I said I had no husband she then introduced herself as from Hi Marketing. Very odd! A couple of months ago I had someone come to my door from Red Bull Marketing offering the same sort of thing. Are these companies the same?

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  • Da
      Aug 25, 2011

    Any company that needs to knock doors to get business probaly is not a good company!!
    Try / [protected] covering whole of Emgland, protective, decoratve and textured call coatings. Typical 3 sided semi detached 3 bed home to include relevant repairs* £2, 995 Wall coating since 1998

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  • De
      Sep 06, 2012

    This company is now trading under the name Rockex who are registered in bicester

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  • Ca
      Jun 17, 2013

    Just had cold call from someone from Rockex registered Bicester. I am in Ashford in Kent. They wanted my phone number to arrange a time for an external survey. I said I didn't need a quote for any work and the person said that's not what they do, they just 'look at houses to see how they have held up'. I said I couldn't see the point and the person then said she couldn't see the point either !

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  • Tw
      Jan 19, 2014

    I bought my bungalow in 2000, painted with top quality paint hired a compressor, this all cost £2500, a lot more had it been two floors scaffold etc.I didnt remove blown pebble dash and render, I didnt prime and then 2 coats of smooth render, then two coats of paint after primer, as I was too mean to hire the compressor for 3 days £200 a day cost then, I didnt sheet up, I didnt repair the 1935 mortar bed, literally I put a plaster over gangreen wound, what an idiot I was, I .had paint over plants fences and new d/glazed windows.
    3 years later I was at it again as the painted colours areas faded and were cracking and peeling.So another £3k.
    I looked up resiplex, then called a company now called Protecco global group.A rep called he discussed the building its age, its tradition build i.e Lime mortar beds, he described in detail what they would do, what a builder with great experience could do, offered 2 prices based on the current market, explained the 25 year guarantee he could give as the resiplex has a manufacturers guarantee [in business 30 years at the time] all guarantees had been honoured, his price would be slightly more than a builder but it would be a once in 25 to 40 year cost, I understood this as I was about to waste another £3k on an amateur d.i.y job and realised how futile and penny wise I would be.
    He did quote me a 90 day price of £13500.00 but if I could decide today [saturday] I would get a stand by price £7500.00.
    He was a very knowlegeable retired builder and talked off the cuff, wink wink say no more, He explained if it were a £10 k car people decide quickly but when its their greatest investment of their lives they shudder, change their minds and put their heads in the sand.
    I could see what he meant, He phoned the next day and I went ahead.
    The men [3]came a week later, they were great very experienced, did a great job kept a low profile, noise was acceptable compressor etc, didnt leave until work was done, surveyor inspected a week later and I signed the work off and paid in full 28 days later.
    Why had I not heard of this before, I know now its a licensed product and they cant give a guarantee if a chimp is doing the work, it has to be an approved artisan.
    All in all a great experience the best way to spend £7.5 k, my house now looks brand new and no more decorating or repairs.
    I sold the house in 2012 and was able to get £15 k more than my neighbour next door who had sold 4 months earlier according to Zoopla, he sold £185k to my £199999.00 so my investment paid off
    To all you doubting Thomas s you need to buy before you become a customer, not all people are bad, Their is 14 day cooling off period by law, plus you dont sign off til you are happy with your purchase.
    P.S do you really believe a brick made of clay and sand with a lime mortar base will protect your home after 75 years in the elements, if so, I will eat my hat. HAVE A LITTLE FAITH BABY

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  • Ph
      Jul 22, 2014

    If you are aware of an elderly or vulnerable person who has been targeted by this company, please contact Citizens Advice on [protected] or your local Trading Standards office

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  • Sa
      Sep 10, 2014

    Just had a visit from the same man who visited me last week, spent 2 and a half hours then, basically 'rubbishing' my external walls, trying to persuade me to have this amazing coating applied by his company, Rockex. He quoted me £8500. Showed me a DVD about it, as he was supposedly taking measurements outside.I was stupid to have agreed to the appointment. It is sold as a 'no obligation' free survey, so I thought 'what the heck'. I found all sorts of complaints on the internet of this company after the visit, and had no intention of agreeing to the work. He called back today, apologised for being unannounced, but I had seemed 'quite keen' and as they had had a cancellation on a neighbouring road, he wondered if I would be interested in taking that slot. I was very cool towards him, and said I wouldn't be pursuing it further, and he reluctantly left. I am NOT an elderly pensioner, and these people are very plausible. I feel stupid for letting him in in the first place.

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  • Ch
      Oct 10, 2014

    Same experience with a Rockex man. Different surveyor to the guy that had booked the slot with my wife. It took 2 hrs to give me the 12k quote and the 8.5k buy-it now option. Both prices are well above what we can afford. He then told me about their Barclays underwritten warranty and the fact I could get a loan to cover it all. No thanks to another loan so said no.
    I then got a call from another area manager rubishing the guy that came today and offering a super better price that had to stay between us if I allowed him to come back and look at the walls himself with his own eyes. I pointed out to him that his colleague spent two hours tapping away and measuring and taking notes so instead of coming over he should just take his colleague's notes. He tried to push but I said I saw no point at another visit at which point he said goodbye and hand up on me.

    Be ware of them, do not agree to anything they say and offer, warn your elderly friends, neighbours and relatives. Scam artists.

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  • Du
      Nov 27, 2014

    Seems something similar now operating in the Bexleyheath area under the name 'Protecco'. Knock on the door this evening (didn't answer as presumed father coming into the house) followed by an insistent knocking on the window. Had a five minute conversation with an extremely sly saleswoman who begun claiming that the work had been commissioned by the council. When I specifically asked her whether she was from the council she said "They know we're doing this"... she then started the hard sell claiming that our next door neighbour had agreed for their operatives to come around the next evening, she didn't quite have her foot in the door but when it became obvious that it was a hard sell I was kind of "yeah, thanks but no thanks" to which she gave a little cry of rage. Five minutes later next door neighbour came round asking if we'd been approached by the same woman. Apparently had been banging on the door, shouting through the letter box, aggressively demanding that our neighbour opened the door. It goes without saying that our neighbour had agreed nothing of the sort. Shudder to think what would happen if an elderly / vulnerable person alone had been approached. Wonder where she learned her sales technique? HMP Holloway? Interestingly the website on the 'literature' (scabby piece of coloured card with cheap looking print on it) they gave us has a section about bogus callers:

    Not sure what to conclude from this. Either the company are genuinely being targeted in this way (seems unlikely to be honest) or they're happy to let their sales goons do whatever they want and when they overstep the mark they disavow them claiming they are bogus (seems far more likely).

    However you look at it, these are an unscrupulous bunch of individuals who are no doubt happy to fleece anyone they can.


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  • Si
      Feb 05, 2015

    These people are currently operating in the Erith area under the name of Rockex and Protecco. I allowed them to do a FREE evaluation on the exterior of my home. BIG MISTAKE! The man who said his name was Dave Tutt would not give me a quote after 15 times of asking! He kept repeating himself and treated me like a fool. I am not elderly but am a woman that lives on her own. This man was in my home for over 2 hours (all I wanted was a quote) and tried to do a hard sell on me. He gave me a load of spiel about the exterior of my home and even suggested it would cost me £100, 000 to sort and I would be an idiot not to sort it out! I told him that I would be a foolto pay £100, 000 to do up a house that I paid £175, 000 for and then after 1 hour it was down to £12, 600 and if I agreed there and then they would give me £3165 back! These people are intrusive and scare mongerers. He told me I should have damp and I have none. I am aware that work needs to be done on the exterior of my house but I am absolutely sure it will not come to over £12, 000! He left me with a plain piece of paper (only when I refused to sign anything) Not even the price on it (he said I am sure you will remember the price!) totally unproffessional and not what they sat they are. Im sure t w booth they did a great job but over twice the price they should do!

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  • Ge
      May 28, 2015

    Appointment booked today with cold caller from HCP (Home Choice Promotions) for inspection in Penge. The guy who turned up said he worked directly for Rockex (HPA just do the promotion work for them). He didn't get his foot in the door but I watched his video outside. He had told me that the work came with a 25 year guarantee, what had slipped his mind to mention but I spotted flashing by quickly in his video was that the guarantee is actually only 5 years you have to pay extra for further 10 and 20 year extensions of the guarantee. When I asked him why extra payments were necessary if he was so confident of the product he gave me a load of waffle that didn't come close to answering the question I asked. He tried to get me to sign a discount agreement (£17000 work to be reduced to £13000) but when I said I couldn't agree to one of the terms (the work to start within 28 days) he said he was sure he could sort something out for me. I'm no builder but when he told me that damp had reached the second story of my house by tapping a few bits of blown plaster on the ground I could n't help but smile. Seems that the £17, 000/£13, 000 would guarantee whatever work needed doing (which he couldn't actually quantify in detail). I imagine that their quote would then have to cover the cost of repairing and coating the whole house if necessary when I'm pretty sure that I only need repair work done at ground level. So it sounds like I would be paying way over the odds. My advice get a few builders/decorators in to give you firm fair quotes . These guys seemed slipperier than their waterproofing.

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