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1 Las Vegas, NV, United States
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I have NEVER received any of the Free gifts that They promised. They issued credit card vouchers that were never good. When I di use the Time share once in Israel, It was not what I was promised and was like a youth hostile and anything but nice.I have been paying on my time share for many years, have never missed a payment and still cannot use the time share.
When I booked the time share in the local jockey club, everything that I left for the people who never arrived, was stolen.
The Jockey Club is also not clean, it is substandard and I refuse to pay for exorbitant maintenance fees for a product that is not was was not what they said it was nor have I ever received anything that was promised to us.
I cannot even use.
I have paid thousand in monthly fees for nothing since I did not want to ruin my credit.
I read that you did sue them and was able to retrieve the $ money back for a client.

Please can you help?

Thank you,
Andrea D. Werner

Jan 23, 2017

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