Anderson RenewalSales Representative

I really can't tell you how frustrating it was to deal with the sales guy who came to our house. We were looking for an estimate on replacing a few windows. Instead of listening to us, and what we wanted, and showing us an estimate on that FIRST. He took us through a literal INFOMERCIAL on the company, choosing to start by talking about the HISTORY of the company IN DETAIL, until finally getting to the actual product. This drove me nuts. I could not speed him up in any way, as he just seemed to move from one script to another with no regard for our time. I am telling you the honest-to-God truth, he was at my house from 6:30-11:00PM !!! I put my daughter to bed while my wife talked to him, fully expecting him to be gone by the time I came back downstairs. He was STILL THERE. My wife politely told him he should be done by 10:00 at 9:30. He finally gave us numbers at 10:15, and then began to roll out a SERIES of sales tricks, like calling his manager and asking for a discount, taking us through finance worksheets, asking us scripted questions. It was horrible. I finally had to kick him out by telling him NOTHING was going to be signed or agreed to until we had time to look at the two estimates he gave us FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER DAY.

All that said, I won't deny the product looked wonderful, and top-notch. But be warned, their sales team is BRUTAL, and this fellow in particular was simply way out of line. Who stays at someone's house for 4.5 hours? Good lord, I will not buy Anderson Windows simply out of SPITE for this situation, that's how mad I am. Sheesh!

Jan 16, 2015

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