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My offer for a house was accepted and it went into escrow. The house and I am in Northern California. The escrow company is in Southern California. Which does not make sense if the house and the agent and I are in Northern California. It was agreed upon at the time of the sale that I split the 3% commission with my realtor. When the escrow company sent the notary to my house the commission was not in the paper work. I called them to fix the paper work but the notary already left without me completing the process. The notary was at my house for less than 5 minutes. The notary came a second time. The escrow company wanted me to pay for both visit when it was clearly the escrow companies fault for not preparing the correct paper work and careless mistake. When I called the escrow company they were rude and told me to not buy the house if I don't like it. Illegally charging me fees and trying to with-hold my agreed upon commission is just plain wrong especially for an escrow company that is suppose to be unbias and fair. An escrow company should not be bias but it is clear they were bias for the seller. This is unethical and wrong.


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