Anchor of Milwaukee / stay away from anchor of milwaukee and stay away merrill plaza apartments

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Do not rent to Anchor of Milwaukee LLC and Do not rent to Merrill Plaza Apartments!!! Craig the apartment manager is full of crap, Building owner Richard A. Weller is full of crap too!!! Craig evicts tenants when they call the police on people.Craig wants to see bad things happen to good tenants inside Merrill Plaza Apartments at 609 North 31st Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Craig and Richard A. Weller rents to bad tenants in that building!!! That's why tenants been moving out and getting evicted because of his craziness and foolishness against tenants!!! Craig and Richard A. Weller lie on tenants and cover up excuses and reasons why tenants are getting evicted. Stay away from Craig, Richard A.Weller, Anchor of Milwaukee and Alliance of Milwaukee LLC!!! If you rent to them, They will lie on you and they will screw you over in that building.

Nov 15, 2017

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