Anchor of Milwaukee LLC / craig the apartment manager be lying, spreading rumors, smearing and covering up the truth

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Craig the apartment manager be lying, smearing, spreading rumors to other tenants to cover up the truth at Avenue West/Merrill Plaza apartments !!! Craig be going around telling other tenant about that tenants business. Craig evicted James Johnnies (aka Oochie )because his girlfriend called the police on him and his wife.Craig and Carlos Hamilton lied about James Johnnies getting evicted, because his name was not on the lease. When I moved into the apartment in 2013, Craig went and told Kenny Walker, Theora Charleston Brown (aka Chicken Leg) about me living at 2922 West Wells Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Theora started lying, spreading rumors, making false accusations.false allegations, slandering me and smearing me throughout the whole apartment building!!! That caused me to move out on my own in April 2014 because of Craig and Theora Charleston Brown!!! Craig be drinking beer, liquor and alcohol, Craig be getting drunk that cause him to lie, act crazy, being rude and disrespectful to good tenants!!!Stay away from Craig the apartment manager!!! Stay away from Anchor of Milwaukee and Stay away from Avenues West/Merrill Plaza apartments!!! Do not rent to Craig and Anchor of Milwaukee.Do not rent to Avenues West/Merrill Plaza apartments, because if you do, the same thing will happen to you at that apartment building!!!

Nov 24, 2017

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