Anchor of Milwaukee / Do not rent to theora charleston brown and julius lee wiggins

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Theora Charleston Brown aka Chicken Leg is a drunk, She drinks tall cans of Old English Beer, She acts crazy on people because she's from Beaufort, South Carolina, She starts arguments and fights with her friend Pam and with her boyfriend Julius Wiggins all the time. Theora lies and spread rumors about tenants at any apartment building. Craig the apartment manager and Owner Richard A.Weller won't evict her for her wrongdoing against tenants. If she lives above you, She will make a lot of noise, She will cause a disturbance, She will lie and spread rumors on you by telling all the tenants all kinds of false allegations and false accusations!!! Do not be friends with her, Stay away from her, because she is crazy and she will start drama on you!!!

Mar 10, 2017

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