Ancaster Nissan Slough, UK / Unprofessional behaviour

1 Slough, England, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Dear Sir,

I am Dr. M Shahzar Malik, a Transplant Surgeon working at Royal Free Hospital London. I and my family are customers of Nissan and consider your quality vehicles with high esteem. I wanted to buy a car and the same zeal towards Nissan forced me to visit one of your Motor showroom (Ancaster Nissan Slough) with my two uncles on 23rd April, 2107. My uncle had previously visited the showroom and selected a car for me. We were attended very nicely by James Loveloch who dealt with us proficiently. I selected a Nissan note (LL66 FZE). I had a test drive and finalized the deal in 9995 GBP (including all). I payed 1000 GBP as token money and returned back satisfied.

Next Morning (as I was busy in the hospital and already discussed a day before with the showroom staff) my uncle came to give the balance money and undergo any other formalities on my behalf.

To my SURPRISE my uncle told me that the Manager Mr Junaid had increased the price now to 10, 495 GBP. He was demanding 500 GBP extra. My uncle tried to convince him at that time and later I contacted Mr. Junaid on phone and requested him to maintain the already made earlier deal and reminded him that in front of my two uncles I had finalized the deal and even payed token money to James Lovelock (Sales Advisor) just a day before but he refused to consider. He further threatened me by saying that I could take the case in any court if I wanted and I would not be able to prove anything.( Telephonic Recording will be available as I called on 24th April in the showroom landline through an operator).

After this unprofessional behavior I told Mr Junaid that I will be happy to buy the car only if I would be given it on its original already finalized price otherwise I should be refunded. I was refunded today.

I come from Pakistan and have migrated to UK as a highly skilled professional only because I wanted to live in a just society which functions on principles. I am deeply hurt by this behavior and my faith in Nissan has also been shaken. I again repeat its not matter of 500 GBP, its matter of honesty and truthfulness, which is a pillar on which this glorious and traditional English society rests.

I hope you are going to investigate and take measures so that such incidents should not take place again.

May 7, 2017

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