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Anacortes Clean / Cleaning service in Anacortes, Washington

1 Sugarloaf StreetAnacortes, WA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 360-588-4302

The owner of this company is a nice lady who can clean your house so well it looks better than new. However, before long she won't be the one cleaning your house, it'll be her young employees in your home, that you've never met and frankly, just don't give a damn about doing their job right. She has a list of items to be cleaned in the house that she will email to you, but you have to check very carefully that they are done. When I noticed things that weren't being cleaned (items on her list) and brought it to her attention, she said that she would take care of it herself...but didn't.

The last cleaning I had them do before terminating their services was the last straw. I returned home from work around 1230 to find that two young women had just arrived to clean (by their own admission, they had just gotten there). I stayed out of their way and left about thirty minutes later to go to the local gas station, and returned to find them driving away. They didn't even touch a thing in my guest bedroom, sprayed cleaner on my toilets that they didn't wipe off (it dried that way), maybe wiped off the counters, vacuumed the pergo floor and left. The bulk of the house was not cleaned, including the specific things I had talked to the owner about. Keep in mind that this is $90.00 a week. The owner didn't respond to my offer to come over and view proof of her employees perfidity, and still billed me for the full amount.

I've reported her company to the BBB, but we all know that it does nothing unless the owner cares about reputation as much as money. I'm going to post these same complaints to every local website board I can find in the hopes that someone else that may be using her service can check that they aren't paying for two lackluster employees to come over, chew gum and leave. The owner probably goes to the 'big money' houses herself to clean, so this won't be an issue for them. My condo isn't big, I'm just gone a great deal, so apparently I don't rate the personal attention from the only person who takes the time to do the job right.

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      19th of Jan, 2010
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    This complaint was from August of 2008!
    My name is Bette Thompson.
    I am the owner of the above named company. The women who wrote this is named Summer Toscano, she flies Jets for the Navy. This was a complaint given to the BBB in August 2008 and was taken care of by me personally, before Summer left again for another tour of duty. I refunded all of her money to her, and the complaint was satisfied. I am not sure to this day what the real problem was.
    Please call our many customers for proof of our reputation that of a high detail company, customer service oriented, and we are moderately priced. We have many customers who can back this statement up, and we have had many of the same customers since 2007.

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      20th of Oct, 2010
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    As a former client of Anacortes Clean, I had a similar experience, yet from a different perspective. I found the owner of the company to be where the problem began. She neglected to confirm dates and times for the cleaning of my home, which was scheduled for every other week. This, of course, resulted in my home going a full month before receiving a cleaning. I found her employees to be professional and kind, but it always seemed they were not allotted enough time to do a thorough job. I agree with the comment above; the owner seems to be attempting to make as much money as possible by stretching thin the hours allowed for each job. On two occasions, I overheard the girls telling one another that they needed to speed up because they only had 20 minutes to get to their next house. One girl even mentioned how she didn't "get a lunch" that day because of scheduling.

    I have found the initial assessment made by the owner to be misleading, as well as the consistency in her personality. Not only did she promise things there simply wasn't time to be done in one hour by two girls, but her attitude greatly changed once she had my business. Often coming across brash, or only replying to e-mails by what appears to be a shortened version from a cell phone, I believe her approach is the shortcoming in this business. I would never recommend Anacortes Clean to a friend.

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      20th of Oct, 2010
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    To My Former Employee:
    Thank you for finally posting slander online. We have been waiting for your "threats" to be come real so we can actually file charges.
    We really do wish you well in all of your future ventures.
    Bette Thompson
    Anacortes Clean!
    PS. We have not lost any customers within the last two months for any reason except being a "Snow Bird". If any one really thinks the person above is a "real former" customer, ask yourself, "Why would they hide their name and phone number?

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