ANAAD IT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.SCAM company called “Anaad IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. IT Solution Provider

This time I want all the people all over the word that using php
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IT Solution Provider Company you can simply check the company curriculum: or the company’s home website:

(!!) in Odesk it says that the company is running on market all ready for 6 years when on the official website of the company it clearly sais that all copyrights of them are from 2013 (Copyright ©2013) All the flour staff includes the owner are based in India and a company is registered under the “ISO 9001:2008 Certified from Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ), IT Company.", the person I’m dealing with from there introduced himself as Manjeet or Lakhvir Singh and his Odesk profile is:
From the beginning the design was crapy and even me myself been not in that fild can mace with goggle and youtube help some think similar  when I said to Mr. Manjeet or Lakhvir Singh that it has not meats my criteria and is not answering the applied requests apart of the colors. For that it was replied with an answer that in the end of building website prose’s you will change to other design and this one will answers my requirements. It supposes to be sent today and as always he run away and it was forgotten.
You see Manjeet or Lakhvir Singh, again you went home and i left waiting again for "tomorrow ill give you all the project update" :) again promises and u disappear letting me waiting for you. so as i promised you my dear to tell my story to an online Google, yahoo, Gmail and bloggers auditoria about how you lie to your client. In the beginning telling good stories just to close the deal ($ $ in the eyes) without analyzing it and then, when the agreed day to serve the project comes- you starting to go around and asking for more time as the "project is to big and need more time for improvements".

Also, from that point introducing me someone else named larry Singhas, he is dealing with that project as for you is really hard to answer my email and Skype applies.
Always promising to come back with answers in the afternoon and disappear from your working place for another day.
Now I want you to fill it on your own skin how is it the feelings of disappointment that I’m going throw. I really really tried to be patient and wait, my waiting time came to the end and from now on if the required website is not up on air and all done as it was asked in the beginning of the project it want be worthy a penny and All your scaring that you are a professional SEO and can make troubles and a big damages to my business if I won’t take my posts about your company (Anaad) down from the net you will make damages to me and my business also worth the same :0
It’s really sad that we have to communicate on that level of negotiation and not in a friendly area. "TIP" serve the client, find potential contacts (as me) and develop with them long term relationship and the network will grow it selves!!!
Looks SCAM, Smells SCAM, Completely AN Professional and AN Trustable service provider that’s my private fillings that came throw my personal experience with ANAAD IT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.

Jul 08, 2013

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