Ampe 10& tablet pc / Defective product

MI, United States

I received a defective tablet PC from PriceAngels. The tablet had an erratic touch screen. I provided PriceAngels with everything they requested (video and photo's) of the screen defect but they only responded to my complaint by telling me to send photo's and videos of the problem. I have a paper trail of 2 months of negotiations with Price Angels. It was obvious they were using a delay tactict to use up the time I had to file a complaint with PAyPal. Fortunately upon investigation, PayPal ruled in my favor. However, in order to receive my refund I had to ship back to Price Angels. I knew that if I didn't file a complaint with PayPal and returned the product, l would never see my money or a replacement for the defective product. This infuriated Price Angels and the promise for credit of $55 for the return shipping, turned into $20. When I told them that was not acceptable, they told me they were giving me no credit toward return shipping. While I may not win the battle for return shipping, I will do everything in my power to dissuade future customers from doing business with them. If you are wise, you will stay away from this dishonorable retailer. The following is Price Angels address;
Lanke Business
7 Floor, Huaqiang logistics Building No.3
Longzhu Third Road
Longzhu Avenue
Xili Town
Nanshan District

Mar 06, 2013

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