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Amp'd Mobile / Rebate fraud

1 United States Review updated:

I bought an Amp'd Mobile Motorola Hollywood Phone at Circuit City in October for $250. I was supposed to get a $100 rebate. At the end of November they sent me a postcard that said I sent them the wrong UPC. I sent the one that was on the box. I sent the re-submit center a copy of the UPC from the box and a colored-copy of the whole box. One day I spent 4 hours on the phone. I started with Circuit City. They said it was a manufacturer's rebate so I had to contact the Amp'd. They verified that I had purchased the right phone during the right time frame and that I was entitled to the rebate. I called Amp'd. I won't even talk about the wait. I finally got through and they told me that I had to contact Motorola. Motorola told me to contact Circuit City. I contacted management at Circuit City. They said I had to contact Amp'd. I called and finally got through after more that an hour and got hung up on. I decided to try the live chat which is supposed to respond in seconds. Two and a half hours later they responded. They told me someone would respond to me within 24-48 hours. A week later I got an e-mail that said if my problem hadn't been resolved, I should call a phone number. I also wrote a letter to the re-submit address. I have not gotten a response from anyone. I have reported them to the federal trade commission who is currently investigating rebate fraud.

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  • Bi
      7th of Feb, 2007
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    Amp'd Mobile - Horrible customer service
    United States

    On Jan 11 my phone froze up and would not work. It was 3 weeks old. I called AMP'D customer service. After being on hold for over an hour I finally got through. They told me that they would be sending me a new phone and I would receive it in 3 to 5 days. On Jan 19 the phone still had not arrived so I tried their on line chat. I was 96th in the queue and waited for an hour before I moved up to 85th. so I called and after waiting for 45 minutes on hold, I was told that the phone was on back order but would be sent out in two days and I would receive it in 3 to 5 days. On January 24 I called back and they said the phone had been shipped. Once again the phone never arrived. So I called again on February 3rd, I got a busy signal for over an hour. I tried the online chat but found I was 106 in the queue after an hour I was still 102. I continued to call as well and finally talked to a customer service rep. I was told that all the phones had just arrived and he had a letter from upper management to tell callers we would be receiving them on Monday the 5th. On Feb 7th I called back and I was told the phone was still on back order.

    I have finally realized that their customer service is to tell you what ever they think you want to hear to get you off the phone. I was out and out lied to over and over again. I still do not have a phone and its been almost a month. I have spent more then 15 hours on the phone or waiting for their online chat. This has to be their corporate culture, and I hope it brings down thier company because they treat their customers with utter contempt.

  • No
      28th of Feb, 2007
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    I was told the EXACT SAME THING about 8 months ago when I signed up.

    I got the Jet, had to replace it 3 times in the first 2 days, the first week Ampd said they would send out a new phone

    Called a month later, "we dont have anything on that but well send you a phone".. a month later, then another..

    Finally I was told that the phone was on backorder and I would not receive one, they gave me a credit for a new memory card as they said the card shipped is was makes the phone not work


    They just charged me $50 in data and $280 in phone fees on a $50/m phone plan that I hardly use, my business with Ampd will be coming to an end shortly, time to dig out the contract and find a hole to escape out of.

  • Pe
      5th of Mar, 2007
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    I've been an Amp'd customer for a little over 1 month. I've had the need to call customer service several times to get questions answered regarding general feature usage. Phone calls into their system will have you on hold for 30-60 minutes before ever speaking with someone. While on hold, you must listen to incomplete recorded messages that cut each other off as well as commercials for television shows they are broadcasting on their network. In the time you spend on hold, you hear the same messages over and over and over.

    If you choose to try an on-line chat, you'll be in a queue of 50 or more and I kept the chat window open all day waiting to speak with someone. 9 hours later I was 16 in queue down from 50. I went home never having chatted with anyone.

    I tried emailing my questions and only ever received the same response back each time - apologizing for any problems I'm experiencing and asking me to call in on their customer service number if this has not solved my issue. The questions I asked were never addressed. I tried this method 3 different times with 3 different sets of questions and always got the same email in return. And that response took 5-6 days each time.

    Client Logic is the customer service provider for Amp'd. Another glaring example of how outsourcing your business' customer service division is a very bad idea.

  • Th
      13th of Apr, 2007
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    Well I for one can say from the day I bought my Amp'd Jet till today every time I call for tech support I am faced with over 30min hold time to music that seems someone has turned up to 12 on a 10 scale and it hurts the ears just listening to it from the phone sitting on my desk and not even on speaker phone.

    Customer service is the worst ever out of all the cel providers out there. After waiting 24 plus hours for a call back as I was told all customer service reps are taking care of other customers I find that hard to think is the truth. Every time I have called regarding anything from activating my phone to a simple password reset so I can log into their website (mind you some strange reason my account password was not what I set it to anymore and they could not tell me why or how it could have happened). Now not once from Dec of 2006 when I got this phone has the Meter worked or even shown to tell you how many minutes you have left nor when on their website when you log into your account or even when they expire for per-paid phone users and every time I call to ask when it will work I am told " We do not know but you can call us to find out anytime you want " or " I can transfer you to tech support " and then I get hung up on (I some how don't think someone pushed the wrong button every time). They seem to always want to take my Credit Card info when I tell them I am finding it strange I can't log into their site to buy more minutes (I am keeping a close eye on my CC Statements due to this asking) and to me it sounds like the Customer Support people you end up getting on the phone after a 30min to 1 hour wait time are people at home because I tend to hear kids, tv's & radio’s and mind you once a male rep was spending more time talking to a female person about personal things then to me the Customer who called for help.

    After 2 days trying to get my phone activated they give me an Out Of State phone number after asking me my home phone number & area code + city & state. It took over 4 hours and 5 calls (most of them on hold for 30+ min. again and being hung up on after a real person picked up the line just to transfer me to Mr. dial tone. Then it seemed every thing I asked I was put on hold for till an answer was though up, looked up or made up to give me and then most of them were excuses and told I would have to call back or would be called back about and that only once out of all them times did I get a call back the next day.

    Since I have given my main e-mail address to them (mind you it was a mistake I will never make again) I started receiving spam mail in the lots of 50 plus a day. It makes me wonder how it is legal for a co. to sell your info.

    Calling Amp'd vs. Walking from the east cost to the west cost... I think I could get from NY to CA in less time then it takes to get a real person who isn't reading from a screen and can't help you but tells you they will have someone call you back (and sometimes adds "With in 24 hours" like I need help NOW not tomorrow when I need it now).

    I am so glad I did not sign up for a contract deal with Amp'd or I think I would have to spend more time talking to my lawyer to find a way to break the contract and sue them for services they sell but can not deliver. I recall there is a Law that says if a co. markets and sells a product claiming it does something but doesn't that the co. has to Refund or Replace the product with one that does. I will have to dig up this legal info and post it. Amp'd Mobile was selling their Pre-Paid phones with the "Amp'd Mobile Pay-As-You-Go Credit Meter" that has never worked on my phone or any of the Amp'd phones a client of mine (A Cel Phone Store local to me that I do Computer work for) and its funny that any time a Customer Care Rep (Cough I think Customer BS Rep fits most of the time seeing I am always handed a line of crap and transferred to Mr. Dial Tone) and ask for Tech Sup because the Meter will not display on my phone that it works on theirs and they don't know why it isn't working on my phone in the 5 months I have owned this phone nor the 1 time in 5 months I have spoken to a so called Tech Support Agent that handed me a line of crap saying "Its off line at the moment and is being updated" and when I asked oh? when did it stop working and when will it be back on, and OH Yeah How is yours working right now if mine isn't and you just said its off line due to it being updated?" My answer was " I don't know but you can call back later if you have any other questions "

    I can't say enough that if I was with in foots reach of any of these people that I wouldn't try putting it where the sun don't shine for the simple sake of how sick and tired I am of being BS'ed, Run Around, Hung Up On, Lied To, and Taken for My Money. Hell for all the posts I read and that Amp'd makes over 5 Billion a Year I think everyone has a right to put their foot where it hurts most to teach them how to treat their customers, the people who pay them and where that 5 Billion this year came from. I see no end to this poor treatment and no one you can call at Amp'd gives a damn nor is there anyone to report this crap to.

    Oh did I leave out 5 months later still no Rebate Check! The $100 Rebate check that everyone I know mailed in for has to this date never been received nor has anyone that my client of a cell phone store knows of. I hope the federal trade commission will investigate this as a rebate fraud and force Amp'd to Pay Up.

  • Sj
      7th of May, 2007
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    Hi, i just purchased my ampd phone the hollywood about 4 weeks ago and i got all the things that they asked for and sent them in, is there any hope of me getting my $100 rebate!! If not i hope that this federal trade commission sure gets my money back and all of yours to. Now have you heard any up dates do to what they have found yet well hope you all have a great day good luck on getting your money back - SJHS

  • Ke
      14th of May, 2007
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    Me too, am waiting for the Circuit City $100 rebate on my AMPD phone purchase. The Circuit City rebate seems to be a bit different than the "regular" AMPD rebates (rebates offered by AMPD for purchases made anywhere except at Circuit City). Different PO box and different requirements.

    I submitted mine 3 months ago. The rebate website still shows "no errors", "processing", and something about awaiting "check approval". The Circuit City form pretty clearly states that I would get my rebate in 10 weeks.

  • Te
      20th of May, 2007
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    Amp'd mobile is the worst i ordered my phone 3 months ago, i payed extra for the over night shipping and received my phone 13 days later. Then within a week of using it, i was told i had a zero account balance. Which was impossible because i had not gone over my 1000 min and the bill was paid. I wait on hold for 45 min just for us to get disconnected for some reason, then i call back and wait for another 30 then i was told it was a computer error you phone should work now heres a 30 dollar credit. Well 2 days later it said zero account balance i hold again for 30 min they say they fix it and give me another 20 dollar credit. The next day same thing the guy gives me another 30 dollar credit, when i ask him if i have a total of 80 dollars he say no all u have is the 30 i say thats bs I've already been given 50 dollars worth. Long story short never received credit so im within my 1 month i call and tell them cancel my phone i want my 280.72 cents back to my account. The lady says it takes 6 - 10 days i say fine. I wait 12 days still no money back in my bank, i call they say my phone is still active , i say i canceled and ask the lady to cancel again . She says wait 6 - 10 days. 12 days later still no money, i call again this time a lady finally ask me for my credit card number i tell her she says 48 hours to 10 day, i wait 11 days still no money, so now i have talked to 2 supervisor , got there id numbers and am still waiting for a call and my money, when i ask for the corporate address in los angeles and their phone number i am told i can not have it. I am going to supena this corporation to court, in hopes to receive a full refund and penalties for their tardiness. Do not do not sign with this company.

  • Lu
      22nd of May, 2007
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    I am in the military, and i am currently at the end of a deployment. I called Ampd in September, and asked them to shut off my service, which, by an act of congress, is required for companies to do when a service member is deployed. I go and I spend my time in Iraq, and when I start my trek back to the states, I get a bill of over 1900 dollars. I have emailed them, as that is my only means of support with them, about 7 times, and the only thing that i have gotten in response is another bill. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU ARE IN THE MILITARY!

  • Nv
      26th of May, 2007
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    I got billed 39$ over the cost of the phone - the bill is a typo that no one has fixed and my 400min for the 1st month expired while i was waiting 1 month for activation bc they keep giving me the run around. They told me that 39% is TAX!!! BS! and then they told me the minutes start from the day you buy them and they can not help me if they expired! Which is BS bc my phone never worked - when I try to call it tells me i can wait for a operator and then make a collect call!

    I call them 2x a day (apx 45 mins each time) and my ph is still NOT activated!

    I also already missed the rebate deadline and have to pay a tmobile2go while i wait for them to FIX my phone. They should reimburse me the rebate or atleast the 39$ over charge! Thats asking too much from someone so inconsiderate so now I am just aiming to have it activated so i can atleast make use of my ph and stop paying for 2 accts.

    Dont touch Amp'd with a 20 foot pole if you value your sanity.

  • Br
      5th of Jun, 2007
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    Amp'd Mobile - Horrible customer service
    United States

    When I first bought my phone it did not come with a memory card. When I called Amp'd to ask for a new one, they said I would have to pay for the S&H to have a new one sent to me and even then it would take 2 weeks for the card to arrive. I went back to the Best Buy where I purchased it and they just gave me a new one after hearing my case, no questions asked.

  • Br
      5th of Jun, 2007
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    Amp'd Mobile - Disrespected!
    United States

    One day my phone's screen turned off and wouldn't work. I called Amp'd and asked whether or not this was an insurance issue or a warranty issue. They said the phone was still under warranty, and they said i would receive a new phone in 3-4 business days. After 9 business days I called and asked where my new phone was. They told me that a phone was not sent out and that they would do it right away. They told me that when they receive the old phone, they give it to a technician who examines it and determines who is at fault. I was told that if the technician found the phone was broken due to a fault of mine, I was going to be contacted and i was going to be charged $100 for the new phone. I was never contacted so I assumed everything was fine. My next month's bill however said I owed an extra $100 for the phone replacement. Every time I called I asked to speak to a supervisor and every time I was told that none were available. I was told I would receive a call back but that never happened. It took 3 weeks to finally talk to someone and have the charges dropped, and that is a whole other complaint in itself.

  • Zi
      25th of Jun, 2007
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    I have never had worse service in my entire 45 years of life. On March 11 my cell phone died. The connection was no longer accepting charge. Because of this I was unable to retrieve 4 years worth of business contacts. I did not know that there was no chip and that I would have to periodically update my contacts on the amphd system.

    Oh well about that. It is now June 25 and the phone that I took out insurance on still has not been replaced. Nobody will help me with this matter and I am so frustrated.

    The reception is good, but what good is that withouht a phone.

    Amphd is fly by night company that just wont make it in this hemisphere.

  • Mi
      28th of Jun, 2007
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    I just signed on with AMP MOBILE three months ago. BIG MISTAKE... My first month bill was over $200... I called (45 minute wait time) and they said if I upgrade to next level (1,000 minutes). They would take off overage charges... So I upgraded and they did not credit me the $150 they told me that they would... Today without NO notice they turned off my phone!... I am a new customer!... For crap sakes. They said they declined my credit. Here we go Public service commission...

  • Ge
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    I've had ampd mobil since it came out, i paid for my phone and the service for the first three months with no problems what so ever... Then my phone broke (hollywood) it won't charge, i pay extra for insurance so i went to the store where i got it, they tell me its not them that they are just distributors and they only have 90 day warranties and mine was expired but that i could call amp'd mobil and they might answer my questions. Okay i called... waited 2 hours for someone to answer... They tell me that i needed to call the insurance company... okay i called them, they said that they don't cover the damage on the phone but that my phone had a year warranty on it that i should call amp'd and they should send me another phone.

    This went on for a week... So i called amp'd again 45 minutes later they answer... they said that they were going to send me another phone and that it should arrive 7 to 10 days i waited 14 days and no phone.

    I called back... same went on... no phone... A month later i get a bill for 600 dollars for service cancellation!!! Don't get amp'd mobil its got way too many customer service problems.

  • Ch
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    I've had most of the services out there so far, and have to say that this company has no regard for how it's perceived. When the phone is active, the calls are no hassle. But if they don't send a bill, or if you miss any voice notification that they might (benefit of the doubt, there) SEND, FORGET ANY SPEEDY RESOLUTION. THIS COMPANY'S CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OBSCENELY DISMAL. IT TAKES HOURS, IF NOT ALL NIGHT TO "QUE" CLOSE ENOUGH TO BE SERVED, ONLY TO HAVE THE CONNECTION BREAK AND START OVER. ABSOLUTE KEE-RAP.

    Save your sanity. Somebody out there has to have unlimited calling without this much baggage. I hope.

  • Vi
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    Well i have no nice words for you guys... u remind me of why i don't go to drive thru windows cause soon or later you gonna get ###!!! Hope this get someone attention customer service sucks the people that work for you all must have pms... I cant believe everyone is that bad!!! Well... hell while i am writing this i have been on hold for 5 hours no ###ing lie 5 hours and i cant even log on to customer service online because it's just as worst as trying to reach you on my cell phone... every time i try it says welcome to new verizon hell... that tells me some one is scheming money out the till!!!! Some how... I thought i was with ampd mobile, the last time i had a incident like this some one was selling other peoples phone lines on the side... But you guys do... do somethings right you tell your employees all the right things to say... A bunch of bull... its a good thing no one knows where you guys are located because people would be getting followed home... when you mess with customers phones you mess with there life... you better get it together this is serious whos ever in charge need to be fired!! Then tied up and beat down with a razor fence... i am piss... Hell time to let off some steam i am about to go out side and let off my p89... It will help for now... so do you dam jobs!!!

  • Da
      3rd of Jul, 2007
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    Amp'd Mobile - No refund given
    United States

    AMP'd Mobile is the biggest rip off company ever!!! I purchased a cell phone for my 13 year old daughter for Christmas and sent the rebate in shortly after. I made copies of the receipts and the bar codes for my records. When i didn't receive my refund check, i called numerous times to have blasting Hip hop music played in my ears and when i did have rep finally get on the phone, They sounded like a complete idiot. They didn't even put me through to the right department and they didn't even speak correct English. I specifically told them that i had proof of sending it and they insisted that i did not include my bar code with the refund package. WHAT A CROCK? There was nothing i could do about it. What am i going to do, take them to small claims court and waste months of my life? NEVER AGAIN! DON'T BUY from APM'd mobile unless you want to throw your money away!

  • Kr
      5th of Jul, 2007
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    I signed up for the Hybrid plan, which never happened. I kept having to reload my phone with money about every two weeks ($50 each time). When I went on line to reload my phone, it wouldn't give me the option to pay online, so I called customer service. The person I spoke with was very polite and credited my account $60 while they were fixing the problem and told me I could call back if that wasn't enough. Well, about a week and a half later my phone was out of minutes, so I just decided to pay myself ($50). That only lasted about a week. I called customer service on Tuesday, July 3rd and was on hold for about 45 minutes when I finally got a customer service representative and was told that this was a technical support issue and they would transfer me. I was on hold for about 2 hours when I finally had to hang up and try again.

    When I got home, I tried again and I was on hold for about an hour when I finally hung up and decided to try again later. Well, since it was July 4th, I waited until the 5th. I called at 7:30am, Pacific time and an answering machine said that they weren't open yet, so I waited. I called back at 9:00am and waited on hold for 30 minutes and explained my situation and was told that technical support would have to help me and that she would transfer me. I was immediately disconnected.

    So, I called back again and was on hold for 45 minutes and explained my situation. I was told that it would be best if I called back the next day to avoid wait times. I told her to disconnect my service and I wanted to speak to a supervisor. After a ten minute wait, I was connect to a supervisor who had gotten the information from the representative. I told him that it was ridiculous that I was told to try back tomorrow. He apologized and said he was going to connect me to technical services. After about 20 minutes, my call was disconnected.

    Again, I called back. After being on hold for about 20 minutes, I got through to customer service, again. I asked immediately to speak to a supervisor and again I was told I would be transfered to technical support and that the customer service rep would wait on the line until I got into the technical support cue (not actually connected with technical support rep). After about an hour, I finally spoke with a technical support rep, who put me on hold to update the previous account. Finally I was able to tell her my problem and the line went dead, but I was in it for the long haul and figured that until I got the busy sound, I was going to stay on hold. After a long wait (more than an hour) she finally came back on the line. I started this at 9:00am and I just hung up with the technical support rep at 12:45pm with a 1000 extra minutes and my account fixed.

    That was the worst case of customer support that I have ever seen.

  • Ta
      6th of Jul, 2007
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    Amp'd Mobile - Poor customer service!
    United States

    Amp'd Mobile is the worst cell phone provider around these days. There customer service is horrible, no matter which call center you get. The people in Vegas are rude and ghetto. Oklahoma are probably the nicest but not really. Most are rednecks and have attitudes. Their invoicing process is stupid. We get are bills and 5 days later they are due. If you are late, they play games with you service. They might let you get incoming calls, but no outgoing. I'm talking 7 days late, while check is in the mail. Their amp'd live hardly ever works. Verbatim - There was an error communicating with the Amp'd Live Network. Please try again later. {4001}. For the last 6 months. They always blame it on you area. They said they offered coverage in my area, not a limited amount of coverage. Screw them. Folks don't do it! It's bad when they won't let you pay your bill. They would rather transfer you back in queue repeatedly. So I won't pay the damn bill.

  • Ca
      7th of Jul, 2007
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    Amp'd is a disaster. My son bought a Razor phone from them earlier in 2007 with a prepaid minutes deal. No contract, thank Heavens. His phone was great,no problems except activating it was an act of God. Then he lost it and had no insurance. Ok, his fault. He wanted another phone from Ampd. Ordered it online with CC. Rec. an email, phones are backordered. They billed the CC and one month later stil no phone. Impossible to contact Tech Support which is who we need to speak to. Started calling again this morning at 8am. At 8:10am a recording comes on that due to high call volume all reps are busy. Please call later. and you are disconnected. Another recording gives you lots of music to listen to and how to pay your bill in cash if you live in NY or NJ and then the message says, "Thanks for calling Amp'd. Our offices are closed now" How does this company do it. I finally gave up this morning and called my CC company to refund my money. Ampd had a great plan for my son, the best I could find. But you can't have a company you can't deal with. Stay away from Ampd.

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