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I worked at Amp Exposure Inc. in Orlando FL owned by Greyson Fesperman. It is an individual office of the larger company The Smart Circle, which sets up local offices to supply salespeople to retailers. The idea is that employees complete the supposed training program, hire their own team, and then open their own office and get rich hiring more people to supply them to retailers.

Glassdoor sometimes removes bad reviews if the owner requests it. That's why some of the supposed "Top Companies To Work For" on Glassdoor end up being predatory workplaces that exploit their employees, like Amp Exposure.

The only "Pro" of working there is that I made friends. You meet a lot of people, but unfortunately can't make lasting relationships because of the turnaround. They don't go a week without someone quitting. For an office of around 15 people that's a huge deal.

Almost nobody works here more than a few months. As of now, Amp has more vague five star reviews on Glassdoor than they do people who have worked there since the beginning of the year. People don't just leave 5 star reviews and quit immediately after.

Somehow none of the glowing reviews say anything about the job being working a stand at Sam's Club and Costco and selling to shoppers, which is another unlikely coincidence, like how every 5 star review coincidentally implies that people who quit are lazy.

There's a difference between being afraid of hard work and being able to realize when your job is terrible and your employer is exploiting you.

Amp offers sales positions in their lowest form. The pay is minimum wage with commission and unrealistic promises about making it big. The sales techniques they teach are cheesy and involve memorization from a script, but they will try to convince you that it's cutting edge marketing.

Paychecks range from $500 to 700 bimonthly on average. This is well below market rate. For the hours put in you are earning at or below minimum wage. Greyson will exaggerate the income of her employees and her own income to make the job seem enticing.

You're also asked to do a lot of work you do not get paid for and asked to pay for things you are not always reimbursed for.

You work every weekend and randomly get a day off during the week. Requesting a day off will prompt questions about your commitment. You do not get a raise when you get promoted. You have to move all the inventory in your own car which can cause damage.

It sometimes seemed like people in their 20's putting on a show where they pretended to be career people. They do things they think are what career people do, but that they don't actually do. The oldest people in the office are still in their 20's.

Career people do not wear ill fitted suits to the office just to dress into casual clothing to sell a product in Sam's Club. Networking is not the same thing as calling the person one level up on the pyramid scheme for a pep talk so you don't quit. Business travel is not going across the state to do entry level sales.

On the topic of photos, look through the company photos for an idea of their dismal employee retention rate. The same faces rarely repeat. Almost everybody will quit within the first three months. There are only like 3 employees who have been there since Greyson's branch came to Orlando from Salem in early 2015. Look into the other names Greyson's branch at Smart Circle has gone by, like Amplify Management and Winston Gray.

If you work here, set a timeline of progress so you don't get brainwashed and waste months for nothing. Don't stay in this bottom of the barrel job for longer than you need to due to empty promises of high income and advancement. Good jobs don't exploit employees for years before suddenly becoming great opportunities.

There comes a point where you have to wonder why in the years that this company has been around that nobody has completed the 9 month training program into management that these 5 star reviews praise, or why Greyson isn't a homeowner given how she humblebrags about how she's been earning six figures for years.

This is a modern pyramid scheme. You are not asked to pay to join, but they lie about how much money you will make. The difference between your income and the industry standard, plus the money you spend yourself as expectation of your work there through unreimbursed gas costs and the unpaid time you put in during meetings and phone conferences is the money you otherwise would pay to join. They want cheap unskilled labor and will use the oldest tricks in the book to squeeze as much from employees as they can before burning them out and replacing them.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Boiler Room, Amp has the same mentality.

Mar 15, 2017

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  • Le
      Sep 29, 2017

    Yes, they pretty much lied about everything from the start. I feel deceived, such a waste of time. I left on my 5th day.

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