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I've ordered few products from When they arrived they were seriously damaged. I've called the company asking for refund, and was told that I should send it back to them.

I did it at my own expense, and have been calling them for months now, they keep telling me they've never received it.

I've faxed them post office receipts, but that is not enough for them.

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  • My name is Mike Phillips and I am the owner of Amish Country Products and More. I'd like to address this "complaint" from "Ed". "Ed" is not now, nor was he ever a customer of ours. If he were, he would be aware of our policy regarding damages. Also, the majority of our products are too large to be shipped using the Postal Service, as he claims. I would be interested to know exactly which products of ours "Ed" needs replaced, since he didn't specify it in his "complaint". We sell a huge line of products and he should have been more specific.

    It's sad that some people don't have anything better to do with their time than to slander honest hardworking people on the internet. It also seems very convenient that after every new "complaint" is posted on the internet, a company contacts us to offer their PAID services to get the complaint removed. I know these complaint boards can be very useful, but in our case they are just plain slanderous.

    We are very hardworking people who have been in business in southern Lancaster County, PA for the past 18 years. We haven't been able to stay in business this long by treating our customers poorly. Feel free to contact me anytime at [protected] or email me at [protected] to discuss any of your concerns.

    You can also check out our eBay store anytime. We've been selling on eBay under the ID "fish648" since 2001. We have a 100% feedback rating.

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