AMIDangerous Medical organisation shut them down

A Review updated:

this document further sheds light on the massive amount of money and morality these criminals are stealing from insecure men who fall for their seductive advertising of longer lasting sex.

To the AMI case officers for dragging me through the mud and making me feel like nothing while being depressed by the side effects of their ineffective dangerous treatments, which are insanely a marketing/medical scam contract.

Use AMI - risk death

STICK TO A GP or talk to a professional dont trust a nurse over the phone, for gods sake.

AMI should be shut down.


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      Jun 03, 2009

    THEY STOLE $15, 000 of my merchandise!!!

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      Jun 03, 2009

    This posting was intended for AMERICAN MEMORABILIA!!!

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      Aug 27, 2009
    AMI - Decieving perverse

    The product 'trial' is a bogus contract, whereby they try to trap you in a verbal contract, it is a scam, the products have not been properly tested and their active ingredients have major side effects, i nearly killed my self i was only 26.

    don't fall for AMI
    not a medical institute at all, prescription over the phone should be illegal.

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      Oct 03, 2009

    i tried there "cure" for p.e and after several weeks of my nose burning feeling like i had snorted glass, and it actually made my manhood "limp" during intercourse!!! i realised it wasnt working, i gave them a ring and they didnt contact me back for 4 weeks!!! so i finally got hold of one of there "nurses" and was told to throw my medication away!!! now i am being referd to the refund team because the nurse is reluctant to send me any other of there "treatments" due to my bad side effects, it has made me agressive!!! please world dont trust these bastads!!! the man i spoke to on the fone the first day was a "salesman" AND HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT IF I DIDNT USE THIS PROGRAM THEN MY GIRLFREIND WOULD EVENTUALLY CHEAT ON ME!!! it doesnt do what they tell u and that is a promise, dont get sucked in to there bullcrap!!! i am currently considering taking these a holes to court and im definatly getting in touch with my local newspaper, i dont want any one to even listen to these LYERS!!! i came across this complaint whilst doing some reaserch in to there company and i wish i would have seen this before i even rang them!!!

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  • K
      Nov 16, 2009

    I do agree, it's money first, at this so called clinic run by non-professionals, and not service.These guys are outright criminals trying to make a quick buck off vulnerable people.I was servrd with medication by a an unauthorised person which is criminal, and you actually pay for the consultation, its not free.Don't be duped by thier seductive, free consultation adverts.Shut them down.

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