AMH Financial Services / Bad investment

212, 12907-97 Street, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 780-425-4058

This was the worst investment company ever. Talk about a couple of old grumpy people trying to take and steal money from people. This company is run by a husband and wife team and boy was a hoe his wife is. She is the meanest, most b****y woman ever. Expects things to be done to her satisfaction and without being asked as though you are suppose to mind-meld this information and if you don't do it expect to get yelled at! There is NO such thing as Customer Service here, and you think it ends there. She can be heard yelling at her husband through the door into the hallway of their so called business as they have no respect for others. I feel sorry for any person that has to go near this office. STAY AWAY, there are many other Investment companies that you can go to that will treat you with respect and appreciation and not as an dumb ignorant person like they do.

Apr 1, 2014

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